How to be a decent entrepreneur when pigs can’t fly

even once in cattle, also personally burst: took astronomical advertising not as propaganda as the burn, "a marketing tool but take the". That’s just bragging.


is not decent.

at the end of 6, another start-up company deducts more fantastic suspense story: the staff that happily go to work, the results show that the company was gone, but also It is without rhyme or reason. unknowingly, layoffs. Even more amazing is that the company was reported that even the aunt did not pay to clean up wages.

later in the story we have for having heard it many times. Operating data fraud, and copy pictures of goods not authorized, overnight, the founder of the company in 98 years is to pull down the altar, or even a year gas to go seven or eight assistant "such trifles have been picking out.

is not decent.

we’re not here to spray your face how to successful entrepreneurship "Chicken Soup for the soul, but it is necessary to say that the capital of winter, in addition to fraud lying outside the tear forced please wash water, you still choose to do some of the more advanced" decent entrepreneurs ", the following is only for reference:

In addition,

1 will tell the story and can make beautiful PPT, you have to talk about the basic business logic now, this thing to tell investors in addition to change this world not worth mentioning outside, it also can earn money. So after the capital tide you can keep a underpants.

2, away from data fraud. I’ve seen too many entrepreneurs for this hit head broken and bleeding torn beyond recognition, the amount of financing, the user base, the sales scale, the number of live…… One million dare to say nearly ten million, the longest routine once walked up to see the end. If you can’t provide real data, don’t get caught.

3, make clear the difference between reporters and public relations. One is to report the facts, a publicity for you. Most of the journalists will not take the initiative to evil, especially those who do not accept the traveling expenses. Most of the reporter manuscript does not like PR draft for you endorsement, as long as it is not intentionally black, say your differences is good. Reporters and tear force is very ugly and dangerous thing, dreams and income does not match the people are difficult, and the ship sank, they are generally very anxious.

4, for the time being away from Baidu products, in particular, do not put through the PPC and posted ads. Keep a distance from Baidu, which doesn’t explain.

5, do not blindly imitate Jobs dress, wear good clothes. Millet is also in trouble, Lei busi did not understand this reason, give up the millennium change "T-shirt", the hair into the adult appearance, wearing a clean shirt, really impressive.


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