How to effectively calculate the data and conversion rate of the marketing website

whether it is to do e-commerce or network marketing friends will always pay attention to the amount of IP, of course, the amount of IP is only a base, in addition to the amount of statistical IP we also need to consult with the amount of conversion. I found a lot of friends on the consulting and conversion rate statistics are not very good, and even less attention, as long as there is a ranking of IP can completely reflect the status of a website. In fact we do eventually to turnover, and turnover of the premise is to have a consultation, so the conversion rate and the amount of statistical consulting analysis is particularly important, can effectively reflect the natural optimization and extrapolation of website platform effect, below I give you analyze what effective data such as statistical consulting and conversion.

one, how to calculate the amount of statistical advice

1, active and passive dialogue


statistical consulting amount of it, we should first consult it dialogue is divided into 2 different kinds of dialogue, generally speaking many sites have hung up the Advisory software, through consulting software we can effectively calculate the quality and source of these conversations. We first put into active consultation dialogue dialogue and dialogue dialogue is passive, active guest actively click consulting software and your dialogue, in general the guest’s turnover will be very high, while passive dialogue is customer service initiative to invite guests dialogue, generally speaking this dialogue turnover is very low, so a good website volume mainly from the initiative and dialogue. But consultants by consulting the software can browse the detailed view of the track visitors, if visitors have been browsing products, you can also take the initiative to invite dialogue, generally 20 invited can convert a transaction.

2, general conversation has a good conversation

general in consultation on the network of consumers, asked more than 10 sentences of 10 words can be traded, the following questions will turnover is not too high, so we can according to the number of dialogue dialogue is divided into general quality dialogue and dialogue, dialogue more than 5 sentences of 10 words in the dialogue called general dialogue, dialogue more than 10 sentences we call for high quality dialogue. Generally speaking, the quality of a web site and the proportion of the general dialogue is 2 to about 10, is relatively normal. Through the classification of dialogue, also can check out what the dialogue platform extrapolation of good quality, what areas of the needs of the guests, and even what the product quality needs more dialogue, do promotional activities are effective, it can also improve the effective supply and demand of product advertising.

3, consulting dialogue source


in addition to the classification of dialogue, dialogue with the source of needs analysis, for example, can be divided into a common PC search source, mobile phone search source, source, source of natural extrapolation platform optimization, of course can be analyzed more detailed do not show 11. According to the dialogue source, we can see what platform to the quality of the dialogue is high, what the quality of the dialogue platform is low, so it can improve the advertising platform, to make targeted marketing, this effect may be.

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