The cheek to engage in downtown real sharing promotion


directly to the customer promotion, can produce benefits, in public places to promote, can improve the visibility, better produce benefits.

would want their own site to do a promotion, increase visibility, is two people holding banners in the downtown area along the street, in the city banner is not allowed, so this is the only walk style propaganda, the effect is very good.

has not been to the city, when the mind is not holding a banner shopping, it does not matter, I can do. But really, this was not the end, looked over the past people, this banner really can not start, the heart also timid, this suddenly empty lot, which shows the mind with the actual situation there is still some distance. This one can not integrate into this living before has not done, haven’t bear ability, for a walk, see the temporary people less, is the banner out, carrying forward, this is good, not willing to close up, oh.

started this was very nervous, his face did not smile what, with banners is shy, feel like walking machine. For others see more feel shy face, after walking a long way, what did not, may be adapted, is not to let others see more of your one thing, in order to make money to marry a good wife, in order to allow parents to spend the rest of life a little better, this man also dare not think of these things, this thing is very small, the picture also see the smile hanging in the face, but as some photos, but only after a turn back, do not know how, estimation is the SD card has bad sectors, bad.

has several local impressive, here to share, because the banner is a word, a middle-aged man can’t see on the other side, deliberately approached turned to look at, this is not a minority, they are curious, I think this effect should be good; there are people that walk from here, the mouth naturally read out the name of the site, oh, also, he knows at least this website exists.

also has an awkward place, in coming to a bus station, there is a group of young women, is estimated to art school, the way they looked at me at that time, the taste of the heart of a painful, deep breathing, never mind, go forward, their eyes can not describe, you can imagine what scene, a proud woman, then we pulled the banner across from their front…… There is a scene, two ladies from the side after, one lady glanced at it, then read it after the mouth smile, smile is so lovely, and then with the front of her friend don’t know what it is in a whisper, talking, they could not say what a bad thing, but the heart is uncomfortable.

This is the first time through the

yesterday propaganda feeling, it is not certain heart to do well, especially.

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