The value of search engine marketing SEM keyword purchase


keyword is the core of the account, if we can easily play the keywords, then we account for the ability to control large personnel is not only to optimize the bidding account, more important is to control the account, we can know every step of the operation to be able to do what the impact on our marketing effect, even we through the analysis of key data to determine the optimization scheme of the next step.

actually many accounts 80% of the budget is wasted, that is to say that we are not part of the budget conversion keywords waste, there is these words we should not be such a price to buy this keyword, popular to say that the words we buy is worth, whether can bring us the transformation and our value is not worth.

we already know the core of key account is to buy value, if we do not realize the value of keywords, there will be what kind of marketing effect, we in the words "infertility" as an example,

A. keyword purchase stage unreasonable

according to the visitor’s search behavior can be divided into three different keywords purchase stage, is also the three different visitors purchase stage, visitors will usually buy the medical diagnosis stage stage and treatment stage, to the hospital, so this time our keywords is often a symptom of words, words, words for the hospital. If we do not know of each stage of analysis is not the visitor visitor’s needs, we will not be able to determine which keywords is what stage, but not for each stage keyword bid to make a clear judgment, that is to say you will infertility symptoms, what are the symptoms of infertility and infertility which harm and so on these keywords bid a high, clear that these keywords purchase intention is very low, we have no way to This kind of crowd for accurate locking, can imagine the effect of transformation.

in the second stage of the treatment of infertility, infertility treatment effect, how infertility treatment and so on, these words the purchase intention than the first phase a lot stronger, then we cannot use the low-cost, extensive mode to lock in this part of the crowd, but the relative bid stage to be high, to pinpoint this part of the crowd

B. search keywords and keywords do not match

Some key words

some accounts in the bid is very high, but the conversion effect is not very good, even without transformation, this time we should be through the search terms report analysis we buy the keywords and search terms to buy visitors are the same. For example, we buy keywords is "treatment of infertility, and through the search terms report found that Internet users search for the word" infertility picture "and so on these words, that is to say to words and search words we buy the keyword matching to different purchase intention is not very high, so we take the high the price to buy the traffic is not very value.

this situation exists in the account >

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