How to quickly complete the cold start at low cost

when a new product just on the line, there are many promotional measures, including fees and charges for free promotion, will not say, including free content spread, push, change and so on, in fact to do business is a very tired of living, you may very many users have found through a variety of ways but in the end, found that these users or not target users, or is not active, in the end there is no equal. Therefore, regardless of money or money, especially the start-up companies have no money, when doing promotion, access to the first batch of seed users is particularly important. So how to quickly and low cost to complete the cold start, this article will be analyzed from the following aspects.

analysis of target user characteristics

is more direct, the goal is to identify the user pain points, we can win. Then the first thing you need to find customers, assuming a product is "professional acne Cleansing Cream", then your customer is not as long as there is Cleansing Cream wash the needs of the user, it is characterized by "acne", first of all will affect the back of each step, so be sure to identify customer base.

second user groups to determine the scope of activities, the scope of activities is not limited to a narrow range, according to the characteristics of groups, such as audio and video is the same love, some people often discuss the global post in the forum, some people love in Post Bar, and some people like watercress, these people or because of age and sex and social status is different, the scope of activities are not the same, so can’t find customers in the scope of activities is limited to a "space", and we must do the user portrait looking for before, this will also save time and cost of publicity promotion.

again, analysis of users interests, or take the Cleansing Cream for example, such as some users love bubble more, can smell incense, but some users love less foam, taste light, so to do, when the user can go to the consultation, to guide them on some more products understand.

after doing the above steps, basically can determine the user pain points, and then according to different user groups, the user is divided into high-end, high-end and low-end. Of course, if your products at the same time can meet the needs of users of these three products is the best, if encounter obstacles in the beginning of the promotion, need to cut off a part of the user, then reluctantly part, choose the most suitable product user groups.

develop brand marketing strategy

analysis of target user characteristics is the product promotion at the beginning of the cold start must be done, but on the brand itself, it only has its own advantages, can be accepted by the user, a well-known brand, is a long-term process, not overnight, not because after the user use exhaust all the skills of operators circle, face is a weak product. So, it is necessary to work hard in the product itself, develop differentiated marketing strategy.

on the one hand, for the brand to do

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