Why the store behind the expansion of electricity supplier counterattack why

double eleven Ali performance of $91 billion 217 million really have to admire the powerful electricity supplier. Electricity supplier in the lead in the lead, the two giants in the field of books electricity supplier Dangdang and Amazon ready to open online store, and developed a crazy expansion plan. In the past ten years, Dangdang and Amazon to kill the domestic line entity bookstore with low price. Today, has always stressed the advantages of online book business, but playing counter attack, which is why


electricity supplier line

expands into a trend

look, from the line to the next line counter attack is not Dangdang and Amazon like electronic books. Recently, AFU oil, Royal Square mud as the representative of the electricity supplier beauty; millet and Meizu as the representative of the Internet and mobile phone brand; the shouted "subversion" of music as the Internet TV brand, also increase the line entity in store expansion. From the United States to the smart phone, and then to the smart TV, the various segments of the industry have the layout of the electricity supplier under the layout of the store, which indicates that the expansion of the electricity supplier under the line store expansion will be a trend.

in fact, some well-known electricity supplier brand in a few years ago has begun the expansion of the line. 3 years ago, a Amoy brand Liebo, the first store in Xuanwu in Beijing SOGO department store sogo. In 2002 to enter the domestic market UNIQLO, ten years have landed in more than and 90 domestic city, opened more than and 400 stores.

, by contrast, Dangdang and Amazon’s counter attack or was a bit late. More and more electricity supplier layout of the line under the store, this subversive change is really puzzling. What is the force electricity supplier overthrew their own proud of the defection of online channels, offline channels


online bottleneck

forced the defection of

has been the competition in the domestic electricity supplier industry, cheap two words throughout. Continuously the price war, so that the electricity supplier and low draw all the equal sign. The vicious competition, so that the electricity supplier has become a burning industry no limit. Jingdong, Dangdang worth mentioning, so far in the loss.

in the actual operation of the electricity supplier, the cost of access to a customer as the competition intensifies. 2011, when the electricity supplier to get a user’s cost of about 80 yuan; to the time of 2013, the electricity supplier to get a user’s cost of about $300.

together with the major electricity supplier platform are playing price war, spend hundreds of dollars to get the cost of the user, at any time will be lost to the lower price of the electronic business platform. More importantly, the electricity supplier conversion rate has not been a substantial breakthrough, which allows the electricity supplier at the operational level has been carrying a huge pressure. There are media reports, Fang Yan man + Shanghai store experience, its line store on turnover rate of 65%; while in the "double eleven" period, the online conversion rate is only 6%.

, according to senior electricity supplier sources, the actual conversion rate of the domestic electricity supplier industry has been in 7>

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