Behind the Taobao anti corruption storm electricity supplier gangster internal regulatory system sec

The main duties of

"integrity unit" is to investigate the existence of internal disciplinary cases. In addition to them, the company also has internal audit department, the specific cases will be handled together.

as long as there is room for rent, corruption is difficult to avoid.

last weekend, Alibaba (micro-blog) announced in an open letter way in Taobao system a number of irregularities of the network list. After the storm in the Juhuasuan, the electricity supplier chiefs of internal regulatory topics again into the spotlight.


support Alibaba "exposing scandalous" point of view, an enterprise in the creation of great value, corruption and other issues will be. But more voices are focused on Alibaba’s internal control system. This Wednesday, the focus of recent events, Ali internal supervision system includes Alibaba "integrity unit", surfaced.

for the public, Alibaba is not only a pure enterprise, but also a business ecosystem. To fundamentally solve the problems that exist, may require a complete set of continuous system.

value depressions breed corruption

The second is referred to as

Taobao, Ali and Taobao internal business to Taobao staff, "the waiter" have different responsibilities.

from the beginning of 2009, Taobao’s online retail business has seen a spurt of growth, Taobao has developed into a large platform with thousands of employees, millions of sellers, hundreds of millions of buyers. In such an environment, SMEs and entrepreneurs through a variety of ways to enter the development of Taobao. It is understood, and enrollment in Ali high-speed operation, a lot of 85 or even 90 into Taobao, he became a waiter".


Ali group insiders said the two young and had the startup period of Ali in values and culture is not the same, some people are very difficult to withstand the temptation.

Shao Xiaofeng, senior vice president of Alibaba

group revealed that Ali Co as a society, the value generated, there is power, there will be the possibility of corruption. In his words, "the company and the community are closely linked, the adverse social phenomenon will affect the company’s management."

The above

insiders said some goods once the need to use the means of promotion in good position, it is easy to become the value of depression, prone to problems is Juhuasuan, Taobao gold coins, as well as the trial center. A lot of time at the beginning of the management did not realize the interests behind the chain of a function, but the merchant’s nose is always sensitive, the management was later found to have problems. When the management is aware of the problem has been produced, so we can only take management measures, the introduction of a number of rules to govern, such as Juhuasuan began charging is based on this."

The implementation of

system in charge of guilt

Ali Group executives have said, now the situation is that there is a big bag of money

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