Domain name is actually learned

fifth on the first phase of special domain name.

front: investment domain name, is not regarded as a kind of investment, if it is an investment, then the investment needs of the domain name ideal investment and rational investment.

as the saying goes, "Well begun is half done."."

so when you choose to do the Internet, then the first step is to first need a domain name. So, you will be the domain name you want to choose a simple, clear, well written, profound meaning. This domain name is certainly a good domain name, it can be said: you have half the success.

But the number of

, domain name is always limited, either 3 or 4 bits have a base there, of every hue.Com or.Cn, there are.TV and.Mobi, domain name development today, concise and easy to remember and the deep meaning of the basic domain name does not exist, then we will find to the proper name? The answer is: No.

domain name is unique, nothing more than.Com or.Cn, etc.. So the value of a domain name is also the only one? Perhaps, you should simply quiet down and think about it.

I tell a story I met last year, our country advocate civilized, civilized Internet, then I went to QingWang some friends to talk about things, met just in doing interviews, interviews with the object of high steel, 1996 engaged in Internet news work, then introduce high steel own voices network domain name is hsm.com.cn I think, in 1996 started the Internet news news, the domain name is registered in 1997, how will the use of domain names like hsm.com.cn? After it from a friend, "the voices of the license in the Information Office of the State Council for the number 003". This is a listen to…… Speechless.

now, you can’t go back to that time for 1997 1997, the use of such a domain name, really flattered, this story is to be able to explain and prove that any domain name exists, must have the basic value of the existence of the domain name.

modern domain name version of love story!

God asked: do you have a domain name


Juliet: Yes, and a lot.

Romeo: No, I’m looking for my domain name.

Juliet: how about me, Juliet.Com?

Romeo: This is priceless,


Juliet: Well, it’s priceless in your mind.

Romeo: would you marry me, let’s ride on the Internet,


Juliet: I’d like to, let’s get married!


whether you are trading or going to register. < >

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