What about WeChat for the WeChat public account of the dream




" WeChat "checkmate" revolution "double micro era" cry in August 2012 18 after crying out loud. By the early writing "refute black Ma Liangju" to the youth "is how to detonate the social network," stamina, it is said that those things about WeChat. In this paper, some content is 3 according to the phenomenon of Yan Tao Shou three teacher "the WeChat marketing thinking for a tea restaurant" personal views.



public platform after registration, all kinds of imagination, such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain cases emerge in an endless stream. The author is not to spend some time to play test? Or not follow these thoughts in a few months? Some think now is already thinking and practice, some do not exist.

1, concerned about the class of micro signal, "+" input address, automatically reply to the nearby store address.

in fact, this must be a national chain stores, the most important to a city chain, and the coverage is quite wide. Why?

if the address is 20 km away from the merchant A1, A2 merchants of 35 km. Go or not go


Sorry, I’m narrow-minded. In fact, there is a product called @ chef shook. After the "+" input address. The system automatically gives feedback to all restaurants near the user. Does not limit the restaurant, so the number of restaurants did not require. Lie groove! Another article soft Wen. All the rotten egg or the first in hand inside, ready for some more! "" known as the first China chef shook personalized restaurant recommendation engine. If there is a user through its WeChat account to complete the meal. I really want to be blind!


is a name of the restaurant, a personal consumption, a subordinate cuisine, an order phone. It can meet your needs, then you should get a cold noodle.

custom menu stores closed more than half a year, but still in the column. The person when rejection or the monkey monkey when people playing? Thus Iron Chef shook data update how slow, the actual effect is more visible in WeChat

is good or bad?

custom menu, the picture of the roast duck shop with a girl actually do publicity. OMG!

hotel name, distance, a link can be called the first personalized restaurant engine?.

2, downstairs restaurant can send leaflets on the office, why not open the WeChat public account? In fact, there is no need!

flyers do have a great chance to throw away, even 99.9%. But a WeChat account was retained after a long time in contact with the contact, did not bring interaction and then slowly forgotten. >

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