Who ordered my blog

  afternoon, I met a friend for a long time already forgotten, she complained to me: why no one to see her blog? She and I have a blog system, but also to read her blog log, written or very carefully. But as she said that the communication is very little, so she began to complain about their own, is not their own writing is not good, or other reasons? Who ordered my blog? How many people may not care about this, but as a nearly fifty years old, but very much hope that there are one or two people to communicate. Who also don’t say up, after all his blog is what people point? Is it necessary to analyze this situation? The author is also out of interest, so take this to talk about the results of nearly half a month of traffic analysis.

1, the blogger point of my blog. Blog owners click on the entire click above, accounting for 30% of the proportion. From the traffic statistics analysis, and as the administrator, the devil, God sister, a member of the circle point of my blog, other blog Links came pretty much, through the blog Chinese and bole network.

2, columns of my blog. Column refers to IT column, the column left because of my blog address, so from the background data, the proportion accounted for 15%, and many of them are some of the new IP, which is able to prove the author’s blog can through the column of the posts have an extra click.

3, the forum point of my blog. I often go to the community platform, blog blog, blog, Hunan, and so on these forums, because the signature of the individual has a blog address link, it also brings a click. And the click of the proportion of nearly 15%.

4, the search point of my blog. After half a month to Xu Guoping and blog was not included to the station from the included rankings to second, the result is satisfactory. And through other non search keywords to bring a click is also pretty, like a blog, team, cosmetics and so on, the proportion of more than 15%.

5, users point of my blog. This is your friends, pull the classmate, call friends, take the McCain friends, also need the publicity. Found that once, there will be a return visit, I really appreciate those users, and thus accounted for more than 20% of the strong. Also because of the QQ personalized signature address bar announcement of credit.

6, the point of my blog. This is the main source of their own IE will be set to the home page, whether it is in the unit of the computer or their own computer, as long as a web page to open their own blog, which also brings good hits. This accounts for 5% of all traffic statistics.

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