A5 financing briefing billion net car mining Professor every day millions of financing have been g

100 million mining network


investment amount: 10 million yuan

, according to industry sources, one of the representatives of the field of B2B vertical Trading – billion mining network, has recently been successful investment institutions tens of millions of yuan A round of financing. Billion mining network has completed two rounds of financing plan for the future of the three new board listed on the Tobey network rumors call billion net CEO Shen Pengfei mining, the latter said billion mining network did succeed to get financing, investment valuation has reached hundreds of millions of yuan scale. However, due to the reasons for confidentiality agreements and investment institutions, investors and the amount of specific financing temporarily announced.


2 car

Investment: the investment wealth fund

investment amount: 36 million yuan

automotive media brand new "car professor" and new action of financing, obtained by the Guangdong province the investment holdings investment fund led the wealth of 36 million yuan A+ round of investment, the valuation of 700 million yuan. The last time I get 12 million 500 thousand yuan is Professor of finance at the end of 2014, the overall valuation of the company is 120 million yuan.




investors: a yuan fund investment, Sequoia Capital, IDG capital, capital today with all cast

investment amount: 300 million yuan

August 22nd, mobile App Darling announced the completion of the 300 million yuan C round of financing in the interior. According to reports, the current round of investment led by a yuan fund investment, Sequoia Capital, IDG capital, capital today, three old shareholders with all investment.


4 day gaming

investors: Bai Baihe, Beijing Guoan Football Team Captain,

investment amount: 90 million yuan

Datang network’s daily gaming received 90 million yuan A round of financing, from the mainland actor Bai Baihe and Beijing Guoan Football Team Captain Xu Yunlong as the star VC A gaming round every day become shareholders, other shareholders as well as the A round of investment in the division, CIC, Guang Sheng Shanghai Chang Ting, financing is mainly used in the illumination mode mobile Internet development the development of the company.


5 Wang Ji science and technology

Investment: Cheng Jin Hongshi, Haixi venture capital

investment amount: 45 million yuan

August 22nd, focus on Russian state cross-border services Wang Ji Technology in the days before the 45 million yuan investment risk. According to Wang Ji technology revealed that the lead investor investors remain the last round, with the Silicon Valley in the background of science and technology venture capital Hong Shi Cheng Jin, the Senate voted for the national science and technology incubator of Xiamen soft investment’s state-owned venture capital fund haixi.


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