Bird Luantan Tang Jun hackers April Fool’s Day

      in general, Admin5 today is not what happened, placid, there is no collective soft, no noise of the hype, if it is news, may bear the brunt of the grand Tang Jun left the big number two.

      an often lead the grand glory of the occupation managers, a unique investment perspective and Dairenchushi extremely sleek businessman, followed Chen Tianqiao through years and years of hard times, he was greeted by a grand success, the high-profile exposure, has commented that the opening show the others think this is always sniff at, big hype.

Tang Jun: story telling can be fooled by the professional manager

      in fact, whether it is going to stay, the ability to carry, but also a set of samples in our webmaster, regardless of your site do bad, fail again, but as long as you have a solid technical strength, there is life in the society of the capital, Tang Jun from the grand the United States to Japan, from Japan to the United States, to come to the grand, no one is not victorious, rely on.

      also came back and said again, truly capable people are not necessarily successful entrepreneurs, occasionally do senior employees is also a choice, Tang Jun, Li Kaifu, Wang Leilei, are very famous IT industry workers, sometimes to see so many webmaster friends motionless he left the venture, in fact, my heart is always a big bird. After all, entrepreneurship is not so fun, and now the station is not able to do the food and clothing, sometimes mix than to work.

      third is today being edited sticky: "my sorrow is just because I am not a hacker" the following address: /article/20080331/78287.shtml

      author of four months of hard mouth airway almost helpless, when the cultural revolution, the revolutionary teenager who proposed: "with the days of fighting, with the fight" heroic slogan, a new era of webmaster have added a: "the same hackers"

      yes, who do station does not encounter the hackers, do well, just hang horse, bad luck, the whole server data to you delete, in case of a careless no backup, you have the heart to die.

      in fact, sometimes I think that hackers are also very helpless, boy did not say, but the real hackers to mixed top people, most want to estimate the bleaching, as king also developed a plug-in

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