M off the nternet announced the acquisition of tens of millions of angel round of investment in the

July 6th news, the catering industry, the Internet start-up companies, rice off the Internet announced the acquisition of ten million yuan investment from the media DreamWorks dream angel round. Meter passenger interconnection said the current round of financing will be used for the company’s technology research and development, business expansion needs.  

meters off the Internet was established in May 2015, November 2015, m visitors to access Alipay’s reputation as the main platform and position service line of catering businesses. M off the Internet primarily relying on word of mouth "pay membership, namely flow" platform strategy, combined with catering business needs, launched the scan code, a la carte restaurant management, Internet mobile payment, Alipay stores Cloud management system, a comprehensive solution to help food businesses to build the whole process, more intelligent to do business.

At present,

meters guest Internet intelligence solutions catering has covered 165 city national service, food and beverage brands including Quanjude, Jin Dingxuan, Dicos, Kangshifu, Mr. Li, tokusho, Little Swan more than 1 thousand food and beverage brands, catering services more than 1 stores.

m guest co-founder Lin good said that over the past year, the rapid development of Internet and the rapid development of meters off Alipay’s reputation is closely related. M off as the third party Internet technology service providers, to provide the best solutions for food and beverage businesses in Alipay’s reputation on this platform.

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