Guo Yeye suitable for network marketing team’s nine website promotion method

looked at the company network marketing team is growing day by day, we will do some feasible methods and summarizes the experience of network marketing, network marketing way the biggest advantage is easy to be copied, as soon as the new method can immediately copied to the new team. Below, I will share with you our team used a more interesting network marketing methods. Share something else again before, Baidu promotion Baidu paid advertising, why can be effective for customers to bring benefit, the best do is input than quantitative, how much input to earn much, is a digital can operation. Many Internet advertising, although the effect is very good, but due to see more investment but not widely used, I think, really good integrate network marketing methods, we can accurately control is a quantitative investment ratio formula, so as to achieve the purpose of profit. The following method of sharing, if properly managed, can also be quantified, sharing the beginning!

1, IM group website promotion method

now who also don’t have QQ, who now use Taobao Wangwang, now who also don’t have online communication tools, the integration of network marketing IM group website promotion method is the most commonly used, the most simple promotion methods, the premise is to work to quantify, to develop a good plan, how much is the work must be completed. Complete the statistics, calculate the daily workload. Take the QQ group for example, even with a QQ, every day to join a group of decades, every day one site in each group, as can be imagined. Shows how many quantity can reach, even if there is no QQ online users, showing the effect can not be ignored. The largest IM group website promotion is the spirit of humiliation, not afraid of being kicked, also a lot of IM group or mass email support, so you can also use a mass email to publicity website. So our slogan is "bear, T and


2, search engine website promotion method

new start to promote rookie or team, like the most is this method. For example, my belong to this category, if the method is appropriate, ranking, can easily get orders to SEO. The function of the search engine is to integrate the network resources, in order to improve the degree of user experience to provide the best search results for users, and this process brings to the site traffic is not ignored. For example, A5 webmaster network, and even for the SEO friends set up a special SEO outside the chain distribution area, it is very intimate. Our slogan is "life, more than SEO


2, soft website promotion method

referred to the soft Wen, we will not be unfamiliar, soft Wen all the advertising is soft advertising. In the reader after reading the article was unknowingly advertising rendering. As a freelance writer I soft, because the day before a interest integration of network marketing post two soft Wen order, four articles obtained for three hundred yuan, although not much money, but also very happy. Really is not written >

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