Drops to complete the financing of 7 billion 300 million U S dollars to change the pace of change i

June 16th, travel drops the completion of financing of $7 billion 300 million (long-term debt investment including 4 billion 500 million equity financing, China Merchants Bank $2 billion 500 million in loans and China life about $300 million), the industry caused quite a stir. Now, it is to do a comprehensive analysis of financing drops.

It is reported that

, Apple, Chinese life and ant gold suit, Tencent, Alibaba, China Merchants Bank and Softbank investment per capita in different proportion of the original investment. Why drops of travel by the favor of many capital


first of all, an important preference for capital investment is cash flow and stability. There are currently 300 million registered users, the user is what?. Has 300 million registered users, at least two points can be achieved, the first: you can create a stable revenue huge, and has many new possibilities for mining business; second, 300 million users per person if a little consumption will produce huge cash flow. So, even if the loss of money to spend a lot of free taxi coupons, and then get the trust of the customer registration, is bound to win a huge revenue, and can be enlarged through capital.

need to mention is that basic drops favored access to capital is a large number of users, even the three Internet giants BAT market value is based on users, Baidu access to a large number of users through the free search, Ali through the free open shop to get a lot of users, the Tencent to obtain a large number of users through free instant messaging.


, drops of business model, so that multi benefit. For passengers, can be convenient and cheap to hit the car; for drivers, to get more business; for the government, it is conducive to the municipal construction planning, because according to the analysis of taxi frequency and commonly used location, the basic grasp of city road use efficiency and traffic node, thus we can provide data support to the municipal construction department, to improve the traffic, alleviate traffic jam, improve the utilization of city road. Can even be refined to provide consumers with road planning. So, this is a win-win model, there is no loser, can be more natural.

third, the commercial use of big data. By recording the daily data of 300 million users (data is still increasing), such as recording the main flow of the flow of people, the high frequency of the activities of the place, the basic business area can be determined in a single city…… With these data, you can analyze the level of consumer spending, travel routes, these data can be achieved in advance of the commercial layout. Of course, this is only part of the use of these big data.

But from a commercial point of view,

is a kind of travel to the traditional industry, the scene changes". This change will make the future basic necessities of life industry "travel", become drops downstream. And, this must be also drops travel ambition".

However, the emergence of

, does it mean that some other industries can also be changed through the scene, to become the industry leader?


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