Sharp Ocean how to determine the target network marketing crowd

do network marketing, but we really know our marketing to who? That is to say, who is our network marketing target population, where they are, this is very important, if the population is uncertain, it is difficult to formulate appropriate and targeted outreach programmes, so today is to talk about. Network marketing how to determine our target population

1, fixed target user population

this is nothing to say, what kind of products have their own fixed crowd. For example, the bag is the crowd of students. Cosmetics crowd is women. But here is the classification of the crowd. For example, perfume, which is the main population of women, then what is the age of the women most in need of what occupation, what is the case of women’s leading consumer groups?. Here involves high, medium and low-end consumer groups. So we must make good pulse, targeted publicity. And this type of population is a long-term consumer groups. Be sure to keep an eye on them and keep them as loyal customers. Because it is a long-term fixed population, so each of their needs are considered in the scope of our network marketing, but also the basis for the development and adjustment of business enterprises.

2, the product characteristics of the crowd to generation

each product has its own characteristics. This feature has also come to a specific consumer groups. The target population is not fixed, but they are the leading consumer groups. For example, pregnant baby products. No one is pregnant all year round, it can be said once in a lifetime. So they must be the most secure, most reliable, the best. As for the price is the final consideration. Not because the annual consumption of less money, Many a little make a mickle. So when doing the marketing of this product, we should understand this particular crowd of consumer psychology. The characteristics of their products to create. Because they are attracted to the characteristics of this feature in the network marketing can be adjusted according to the needs of time, stage. We can also according to the characteristics of their products, in the network marketing initiative to find our target population. Simply means that the advantage of one by one list, find the interested audience.

we identified their target populations in network marketing, we must analyze, quantify, with the same industry competitors comparison. Take out our strengths and differences. And to change as the market changes. At the same time to maintain a good crowd. In the case of the population is not lost, mining specific populations. In this way, we have the basis of network marketing is successful. Reprint please indicate the source, Rui Yang, Rui Yang network, www.ruiyang1980.com QQ:1515040789 1599681262

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