WeChat how to apply seven years ago sister age thinking

Xiaobian for a long time did not come to contribute to the A5, has been unable to find inspiration recently, do not know what to write. It happened today while visiting a search to see a "sister age seven years ago", Xiao Bian looked after by small inspire some thinking that, in this to share with you, may help to everyone on marketing.

Baidu webmaster conference

I don’t know how many people see here, as with the small, pick up the pen in the paper silently to answer, anyway, Xiao Bian is well for a long time, and finally the result is 23 year old sister, (almost a ~ ~)

seven years ago, after seven years,

Seven years after


this year

16+4= seven years ago

23+7+11+7=48= seven years after

23+11= this year


here I was thinking, why Robin Li would raise the question well? What is the reason? This question is very difficult, we want to test results, obviously not, can go to the Baidu webmaster general assembly, some non common people, so why should Robin Li do so, bold speculation Xiao Bian here (guess wrong ~ ~ do not spray), in order to achieve an interactive effect of speech, a long and minute statement I believe everyone don’t want to listen to love, after all, a long and minute statement things, one can speak, how can evoke the desire, let the audience follow your thinking in the walk, there is a interaction is with you the best, and out of the problem, just can achieve this effect, although this is a little problem, but can play the effect of really great, here Xiaobian think, why should we learn from this Thinking to apply to our WeChat marketing inside, so I’ll take my QQ group to do an experiment, look at the following screenshot.


QQ group interaction effect

chat records do not know if you understand (not a little confusion, ~ ~) small in here with you simply explain, when I put this question to the group, we found that the sudden fun is worth thinking about the problem, and the threshold is not high, only need to use mathematical knowledge this thing, everybody is the primary school to large, there is no new argument, so many will be involved, together to discuss this issue.

when we discuss to half, I will give an answer (this is the interactive effect of pushing to the climax of the key step) when someone see when I answer and they are not the same, it will stand up someone to deny me the answer, the final result like rolling snowball, snowball, participants are also more and more to reach a climax, a popular gathering, bring the whole group of people are talking about it. This time is also the most popular time.

WeChat marketing

through the above QQ group simple measurement >

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