How to use micro blog to promote the network

recently, micro-blog could be the world’s hottest Internet application. Since Twitter became popular, in Chinese, also have numerous imitators, because of the reason as everyone knows, micro-blog network was forced to part of the previous transformation. Now engaged in micro-blog services in the country, with a large number of portals and news sites. Among them, especially in Sina, QQ, the most popular NetEase micro-blog. Recently, the Qihoo and the Jinshan using QQ micro-blog PK, a time to push micro-blog to a very high level.

micro-blog’s booming because of its originality, sharing, timeliness and interactivity to attract many people sought after. Because of this feature, so micro-blog naturally become a natural media platform. Become a media platform, the natural concern of the people in particular, so micro-blog can become a marketing and promotion tools. With the popular saying, micro-blog is a popular special busy pedestrian street, every user is equivalent to the streets of the passers-by, but the object is equivalent to the promotion and marketing of street advertising, if accounted for a good place, if there is more interaction with pedestrians, so the attention will be very degrees, can achieve good advertising effect.

in fact, before micro-blog PK in the Qihoo and Jinshan, many people may not think micro-blog can achieve how big effect, but there is always a pioneer industry. Lenovo is one of them. After the launch of sina micro-blog, Lenovo on the use of micro-blog and Sina, Zhongguancun, micro-blog’s smart series of its products for marketing. As a result, to achieve good results, but also opened a precedent for micro-blog marketing.

so, ordinary website how to use micro-blog marketing? Common website is not as high as the Qihoo’s reputation, also not like Lenovo so ostentatious, therefore can only use special methods to achieve that and well-known figures and brand awareness. Below, how to summarize the use of micro-blog marketing steps

(1) to choose a relatively good platform, micro-blog’s platform just like walking street, you must have a high enough popularity, if not high enough popularity, then there is no marketing purpose. So, now in the country, Sina and QQ two platform is currently the best.

(2) to diligently update micro-blog, release more of the social concern news, let more people to pay attention to your blog, so you can make the blog more attention.

(3) pay more attention to celebrity micro-blog, more involved in celebrity micro-blog’s message, so that you can import more traffic from celebrity micro-blog to your micro-blog.

(4) injected more interactive elements in micro-blog. If you make your brand and the brand before the user has more interaction. Such as e-commerce sites, when the amount of hits to reach a certain amount, you can get more advanced services.

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