From economics to website operation the development of e commerce in China under pride and Prejudice


section is about the Chinese Electronic Commerce Management Keynes doctrine under the flooding of chaos, and this chapter is mainly about how to use the public choice theory to solve e-commerce development policy errors and mistakes.

public choice theory is a new branch of modern economics, even in foreign countries is often called the "new political economics" or "political economics", rather, it is the poor discipline of economics and political science, said simply, a new research field of public choice theory hypothesis and analytical method is the application of Economics theory to study the non market decision or public decision problems.

such a major analysis of the reasons for the failure of the government, to explore ways to regulate government behavior, improve government efficiency, it is from the perspective of economics to study political issues.

in the development of electronic commerce in the current Chinese, unfortunately few people using the public choice theory to do an objective analysis of decision-making and policy, the relevant departments in making decisions, often based on past experience of traditional industry to apply directly to the current problems, the mandatory need for shop licence appeared, websites need to record this the situation.

is the father of the theory of public choice in the creation of the school of Buchanan, is to eliminate such behavior occurred repeatedly in the market operation, he believed that individuals are born with the pursuit of utility or interest maximization tendency on the behavior of the government and its officials can be found, the government and its officials are not only the pursuit of public interest, and seeking to maximize their own interests is an important cause of government failure.

is such an argument can reasonably explain many strange phenomena of the current development of electronic commerce, such as palliative of network fraud, continuous pursuit of economies of scale, increasing the number of Internet users Chinese publicize the result, all network operators segmentation of e-commerce crucial details of fuzzy treatment and so on.

for the huge amount of government decision-making, public choice in the initial multi – research, summed up the following four aspects:

a. Public decision-making mistakes. Public decision making is a very complex process, because in the process of development, a lot of objective constraints lead to the decision is wrong, such as the fault caused by the fault of the decision-making system, etc..

two. Government expansion. According to the theory of public choice, the maximization of the bureaucracy and legislative departments are the pursuit of the budget, and their interests to form the "iron triangle" to increase the government budget has a growing trend, government departments of internal gain and non public interest is called "internal effect", which is considered to be an important reason for government failure. The expansion will lead to the waste of social resources, reduce the economic benefit, the allocation of resources to offset, reduce social welfare, which is one of the main failure of the government.

specific case is the so-called exclusive Olympic shop, the Olympic Games can not be free to sell individual products, only in the development of government class shop >

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