At one hour the first DNS was massive pollution

Sina Technology Zhang Nan

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the afternoon of January 21st, ten letter warning message, let Kou Bo scared into a cold sweat.

Kou Bo is a flow of domestic top ten websites and the person in charge, he and his group 24 hours a day to maintain the team website browsing amount of billions of dollars. More than a dozen alarm messages, which means that the country’s more than a dozen provinces users have access to the site.

"core room and the problem?" whispered Kou Bo silently, rushed from a meeting out, ran upstairs, back to the operation department work hall. He is harsh on the desktop landline rang. I am the customer service department of the XX, there are users in Zhejiang, we can not reflect on the home page……" "I know."

Kou Bo immediately hung up the phone, was on duty toward colleagues shouted "what happened?" "Beijing Shanghai room and CDN (network acceleration feedback) are normal, the PING domain name, IP address pointing to the wrong, may be the problem of DNS." Duty colleagues answer him.

do not look up, not our thing, all domestic.Com domain name DNS have problems." Is another colleague brush micro-blog told Kou Bo, "you see DNSPod micro-blog, said all domestic gTLDs root is abnormal, contact the relevant institutions to coordinate."

DNSPod is the country’s largest DNS analytical service providers and domain hosting, managing over 2 million 700 thousand domain names. Kou Bo pushed his glasses, leaned over carefully staring at micro-blog, said, "don’t careless, give room phone check."

almost at the same time, one of the country’s largest data center, Beijing room Liu Shuo is also highly nervous. When he turned to Sina Technology phone, landline ringing behind him into a ring. "Yes, we have been monitoring the problem, a lot of websites are also feedback to us, we immediately meet to study the response." He hung up in a hurry.

at the same time, Beijing, Chaoyang District 360 site guards engineer Dong garden also found a number of sites in the cloud monitoring alarm platform can not open. Site guards are 360 of the site to provide active protection of the service platform for the owners to provide web firewall, DDOS protection, intelligent DNS analysis and other services. "We are responding to the emergency as soon as possible to provide users with solutions." Dong Yuan said.

"the user on micro-blog to scold us dead." Kou Bo colleagues told him. He smiled at sina technology, said, we can do nothing, is a systemic problem of the whole network, can only tell the user directly with the IP address to visit us."

what’s wrong with this


"all devices connected to the Internet must have an IP address, just like every house has an address, so that others can find it." Kou Bo began to explain Sina technology. "The IP address is a number, such as 120.84.8

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