A grassroots webmaster without money

      contact network should have for several years, the original by helping others do stand to earn pocket money, then feel this continues not attentively made a website, for their own development, the website should be June 12th start it, boil for three nights and finally put art programs are completed
      on line 16, a few days, IP was 2 IP, but I have confidence in him, while others say my station is rubbish station, but I don’t think so, because for my efforts, I believe that the success of the total insist on appears, but it is not the case, the result of 07 years on the morning of July 7th, the station was closed, the reason is illegal content, after inspection found that the 07 day at 3 in the morning when I uploaded a thief movie program that There is a color film thief, but I have no way is the thief ah ah, what people do not check the master, to check for me, because the server management is my friend, he also provided space I would ask him to help me open, I deleted the thief on the line, I was shocked by his answer because the main server, also do the movie I know, had to help him do a thing
      our delta is his site of the fire, may I get a thief affected him, he let me stand off full administrator, I never again begged opened, although I count than people most of the grassroots webmaster, but I work hard, for more than and 20 days, I do not stop the promotion, constantly updated, every day to around 3 in the morning, just close your eyes to secure the Duke, when the dream When I wake up, and I went on to station facing the new challenges of the day, every day a new dream, every day a new harvest now? Only just disappointed, maybe the reality is so, a student webmaster without too much money to invest, that ugly point even a server can not afford, pocket is only enough to my living expenses. Perhaps this is the people, there are just with each other, you told me that we are not friends without the benefit of
      you are good for me that we are brothers, even can not promise to say many, but there are a few can achieve? Regret naive, desperately trying to help the server owners, because I believe his commitment, now bigger, I was beaten back to the original pull! Now let me compete with him? Money? Technology? Resource? It is simply an egg to touch the stone, nothing like, frustration can make people grow up, right, frustration, this is a setback!

      moving at that time, memories of that time:


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