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1 now from the provinces and cities, the police patrol law enforcement micro-blog account on-line  

June 1st news, today, Beijing, Shenzhen, Chongqing, the first batch of 50 provincial public security organs unified identity for the police patrol enforcement "micro-blog, WeChat and Baidu Post Bar account will focus on the line, in the network of public space inspection of law enforcement.

According to reports, the deployment of the Ministry of public security network police patrol enforcement mechanism, the national public security organs will generally open in the whole network operation and normalization of the operation of the


police duties include, one is through the 24 hours inspection, timely detection of network information on various illegal and harmful information; two is to stop the network crime deterrent and online education bad deeds, warning of the minor netizens, on suspicion of illegal crime, shall be investigated for the corresponding legal responsibility; three is the release of typical network the criminal case and warning prevention information, help users to enhance Internet security awareness and prevention capabilities; four is to accept online users to report crimes clues, carry out online legal publicity and education etc..

2 national anti pornography office: WeChat cloud disk dissemination of pornographic information involving the number of super 100T 

news June 1st, the national anti pornography Office recently announced the 5 WeChat through the circle of friends, QQ group, cloud disk storage and other communication channels, sales of pornographic content in cases involving the number can reach more than 100T, some amount of up to 100 thousand yuan.

this is the national pornography office announced the "net net 2015 special action group third cases dealt with the situation. This batch of 5 cases involving all micro field, with WeChat circle of friends, QQ group communication, through the cloud disk storage, dissemination of pornographic videos, such as the huge number of obvious characteristics.

3 Zhao Wei couple again to follow Ma shares reorient group  

Ali group chairman of the board Ma again show "able to perform wonders" magic. Today the old securities companies qualified to reorient group (00376.HK) opened, the share price from HK $9 to the highest sprint of HK $25, or 177%, stunning the Hong Kong stock market.

until 1 pm today, Eastern Group’s share price of HK $23.50, up 161.11%.

earlier, according to the agreement, by Ma’s Yunfeng fund and including Huang Youlong, 4 investors in May 7th, and Eastern entered into a share subscription agreement, to 2 yuan per share acquisition Ruidong 1 billion 943 million shares, involving capital 3 billion 585 million yuan.

4 Baidu line on Baidu’s acquisition of the domain name how to use

1 years ago?

news June 1st, but on business electricity supplier of Baidu, recently to kill a backstroke, in addition to the upcoming on-line "Baidu"

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