The world’s largest teacher social network crazy profit margins up to 46%

February 9th, according to foreign media reports, the British teachers focus on the social networking site TES, currently in the world has 2 million 500 thousand teachers, 2012 revenues of $110 million, profit $5 million 100 thousand, profit rate as high as 46%. Although the website is not with other social networking sites (such as LinkedIn) have a direct threat, but the TES has been proved in practice that it also has a great attraction, in the business model, and even better than other social networking sites.

TES website is a British TSL company’s chief executive officer of social networking sites, Rodgers (Louise Rogers) Louise love joked he runs a hundred years of entrepreneurial companies.


but it’s not really a joke. Rodgers TSL, 100 years ago, is a print newspaper, now entered the field of social networking sites, and to create the world’s largest social networking site for teachers, called TES". The name "TES" from "TSL long-term operation of the times educational supplement (Times Educational Supplement).

TES in social networking sites, from all over the world, teachers can share their curriculum plan, and can learn from other teachers". On TES, the average weekly file download volume of 3 million 500 thousand times, an average of about 8 times per second. In the past 6 years, the TES site has accumulated nearly 2 million 500 thousand teachers, covering the world’s 270 countries, monthly visits to 7 million 700 thousand, and has begun to make money crazy.

2012, the social networking site revenues of more than $110 million, while profits as high as $51 million. TES most of the revenue from the company’s recruitment services, some of which revenue from advertising. Last year, TES launched its own subscription service, and soon get 18 thousand paid users

although the TES site in the UK has been a great success, but the company has just started in the United states. Currently, TES has an office in the United States, and launched a pay business plan (called iboard, $19 per year). At the same time, TES also launched a global payment service plan (called TES Pro. $45 per year).

TSL has established partnerships with Teachers (American Federation of). TSL and the American teachers’ Union have invested $10 million to build an online service called "sharing my courses," and American teachers are free to exchange programs and ideas.

Rodgers said: "at present, Stanford University is studying the TES website to see if this social networking site can help schools improve the level of teaching teachers and save money."

because TES only focuses on

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