Baidu online social networking site will rise or rise

June 8th, Baidu’s Q & a site "new knowledge" (xinzhi.baidu.com) quietly on the line. As early as a month ago, Baidu has been unveiling new knowledge, this is the open beta officially launched, Baidu new site, but the green interface landing test need to take on an altogether new aspect, invitation code, real experience is not yet open to the public function. Baidu can be seen from the new logo, Baidu is not an independent brand new knowledge, but Baidu know, Baidu encyclopedia belongs to search community product line.


Baidu know, literally understood, as the name suggests Baidu to create a new Baidu know, but it can also be understood as Baidu to create a new model of Q & a site. To new knowledge confidant for the slogan, Baidu is different from Baidu know this traditional Q & a site, Baidu’s new location is known as a Baidu search based social networking platform new. And Baidu know that this kind of open question and answer platform is different, social Q & a site more emphasis on the value of people and relationships, and interactive topics are often more professional. Baidu knows that it is mainly through strangers to answer questions, and Baidu new knowledge is mainly through celebrities and people familiar with the Internet to answer questions.

has become the mainstream in the social network, social products and models of innovation today, creating new value through social relationships has become the mainstream of the domestic internet. Foreign twitter and Facebook are not successful, these websites and domestic websites compared with more professional operation level, but rather through social relations to create a model can continue and the Internet combined with other industries and create value. The emergence of social networking sites is the use of the Internet to generate social relations question and answer value model. Baidu, Sina to know to ask, Soso Ask the leader of traditional Q & a site has been developed for many years, although the opening recognized, also achieved good results. But the content homogeneity, professional authority is not strong, can not correctly guide the Internet users, can not produce more value and other issues have surfaced. The emergence of the social question and answer just uses the social relations to produce the value, has made up the traditional question and answer website existence some malpractices. Baidu’s new on-line is likely to promote the rise of social networking site in china.

social question originated in the United States for a Quora, this web site is a former employee of Facebook Charlie · (Charlie Cheever) and Verona; Adam · Angelo (Adam D’Angelo) was founded in 2008, is a Q & a SNS products, currently has 11 employees, a total of more than 11 million U.S. dollars of financing. The product is not on the line, it was valued at $80 million. Quora began using the invitation system, attracting a lot of stars and intelligence, such as Craig Newmark (classification information >

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