Exposure to 360 to buy domain name qiku com cn is our friends meters off

renamed Chinese ( news May 8th, 6 this month, announced the 360 mobile phone brand name "cool", and enable the Larry domain Domain investors wear quickly shot, scored the domain name

figure: 360 mobile conference

said the domain name, according to Zhou Hongyi, the domain name as early as 10 years ago in his hand, and the company intends to acquire the entire domain of our ". Before the domain name domain name 360 hardware platform for mobile phone, now 360, is really a rainy day.

According to

investors Dai Yue said, the acquisition of the domain name, the price of 5 digits, 360 had also visited the seller, but the two sides have not reached an agreement, but he took.

Dai Yue had also acquired the WeChat domain name, and now took the domain name, it seems quite interested domain name.

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