BAT this company is how to kneel through the winter capital

sixteen years ago, Alibaba was faced with a situation in which the capital chain is on the verge of breaking, Ma and his partner at this time with the help of the elimination of competitors in winter, to achieve the remaining

"do poineering work well, it is a basic skill to kneel kowtow to." An entrepreneur says.  

said the difficult, once opened the business, hard things almost at any time. In the winter capital market situation, to reduce costs, to dismiss employees, or dismiss the executive bodies, are very realistic and must do.

as a BAT volume of the company, Alibaba has had a difficult time. Sixteen years ago, the Internet bubble burst, the Alibaba was facing capital chain on the verge of breaking the situation, Ma and his partner to lay off employees and executives, learn how to throttle, to explore how to open, how to form a unified values, with the winter eliminated competitors, the problems left for the king etc…….

winter always ruthless, how similar history. Today’s entrepreneurs are going through this difficult time. Today, we are not talking about any methodology, and the capital Castle friends back sixteen years ago, Alibaba Ma and his partner together through these, perhaps, to making a difficult decision you have some inspiration.

capital chain to break how to do

April 3, 2000, Nasdaq shares fell to the end of the year, the United States, Chinese website began to collapse. So far, three years of continuous wave of the first wave of the Internet suddenly from a peak fall into the valley, the winter of the internet.

Ma Yun was on the cover of the magazine "Forbes" in July 2000, but in less than a month, "the web is dead," the title also boarded a lot of media layout.

Alibaba "the first session of the West Lake mountain" was held in September 10, 2000, only 10 days after the excitement, Ma announced the Alibaba to enter the state of emergency for 6 months. The next six months is a very serious six months, ready to work overtime."

by the end of 2000 to the beginning of 2001, Alibaba into the most difficult situation since the start of the crisis.

January 2001, Alibaba’s book is only able to maintain more than half a year of $7 million, even more frightening is that the Alibaba did not find a way to make money. Alibaba’s capital chain is about to collapse, all venture capitalists do not want to dig a penny.

Ma Yun said:

"without the support of investors, we can’t go on. But investors do not see the real market started, they will never invest. I was lucky that I chose to talk to them on the first day of the year when I was in need of you. If you run faster than me, you can’t do it. So, I think my head is going to decide the pocket, but the head

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