The market operation system

venture company is not from giant companies, then it is bound to face no money, no one, no resources, no customer embarrassment and difficulties. So in such difficult conditions, how to develop the company’s own market operating system


entrepreneurial market operating system (Figure)

each entrepreneurial companies have their own market, customers, business, product, business model and profit mode, so there’s no need to copy the operating mechanism of mature enterprises, the best way is to combine their own actual situation, from the content, resources and funds from the view of development.

a, content

content mainly refers to the company’s core products or core technology, different from other products or technologies on the market, which has its own characteristics. Thus forming the core competitiveness of the start-up company.

two, resource

resources mainly refers to the company founder has industry contacts, industry experience, industry channels, the use of these resources market.

three, capital

funds refers to the size of the funds in the early days of entrepreneurship. The scale of capital directly determines the size of the company, channel operation mode, cooperation mode, etc.. How to make the best use of funds, with the least money to create the greatest value is the key.

so, how do startups choose the right path and model based on their own content, resources, funds,


1, first of all, the characteristics of the product or technology is the core competitiveness of start-up companies, your team, your money, your technology to product and technical services. Due to the limitations of resources and funding, the majority of start-up companies will focus on the smallest possible products, support the company can be faster, earlier, less costly progress.

2, followed by the resources, if you have rich media resources, it can be considered more marketing and channel development, through the traditional media and new media, the brand spread of the brand diffusion and the accumulation of users.

3, when it comes to money, on the one hand, we want to use their own products and technology research and development, on the other hand, we have to put into the activities of marketing and channel development, both hands, both hands must be hard.

in any case using the resources of the hand, the ultimate goal is to use the initial product precision around a number of new users, the first stage of the project, to increase user loyalty is more important than the number of users.

next, start-up companies need to promote the brand from what channels


1, micro-blog, WeChat and today’s headlines

With the rapid development of WeChat

, more and more people started mouthing micro-blog, that micro-blog is past, micro-blog channel without any meaning, this idea is wrong, now micro-blog’s focus on the opinion leaders and the network red body, from the angle of thinking, reasonable.

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