Good product is the best promotion

                                                            good products is the best promotion

          I used to think of a website that can be accepted by most people, and the importance of product and promotion is half that of half. At that time, I always feel that a web site to do better, if not foreign promotion, no matter how good no one knows. As long as the product to a certain extent, there are ways to make a lot of Internet users come to this site, know that this site will naturally leave a lot of popularity. Had heard such a sentence: "insert a stone in Baidu can flower", meaning that no matter what kind of Baidu products, even if it is not particularly good, because there is a strong user resources and promotion platform, poor products will also have a lot of people.


like Baidu website Chinese too little, new sites want to succeed, you must have a certain threshold of innovation and product, the Information Office of pornography crackdown, many sites are affected, the flow decreased greatly, but some sites in the serious hit not affected in any way, relying on good the quality of the products, constantly expand their user base. Such as "" "my music network" the two video sharing sites and security software "Qihoo 360 security guards" are a good product innovation,.

to tell you the truth before I was looked down on the "potato" and "my music" the two video sharing sites, they do feel content is very general, is all some friends or some original content is very flat, not catch hot network. But slowly found their products in the video sharing site really do a good job, very vitality. 360 security guards are also slowly become Internet users will install the Internet security software, and now a lot of the official version of the security software must be charged, such as the safety of the benefits of such software is really rare. So below, respectively, I feel that these sites do a good job in the product, and these products are favorable to promote the promotion of the site itself.

: "beans" "beans" is now a lot of podcast network have video album function, the album features on our website to share the potatoes in so many video (or bean) do relatively better some. For example, the Internet users in other sites reproduced the potato album video, the Internet is easy to pass this video, and was cited on the potato site, because after the album video broadcast, the show is the album video >

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