SEO friendliness evaluation Baidu acceleration music and 360 guards security treasure of the websit

recent year, the webmaster circle suddenly became the focus of attention of the Internet giants. All of a sudden a lot of cloud services, especially free CDN, anti attack is even more eye-catching. What Baidu acceleration music, 360 site guards, security, Lake alliance firewall, CDNZZ, etc. a series of things are for the webmaster circle. But it is clear that the Lake Union firewall and CDNZZ game. At present, the most influential is the top three. Ming brother today with a detailed understanding of these three lives in the past, from the most concerned about the SEO level of the face of these three products do a comparison.

Security treasure

at the end of June 2013, a number of media broke the security treasure, 360 large-scale interception Sogou search search. By the Ming brother verification, until September 28th, Ming brother writing, continues to intercept. An interceptor deal for three months, is also a massive interception. Brother is on the security Bao Ming was completely disappointed. Intercept search engine is the life of the webmaster.



saw this, Ming brother scared urine

360 website guardian

in mid June 2013, blog news from well-known blogger Lou loose, Baidu crawler suspected banned 360 websites guards node IP, a large number of websites using 360 sites guards right down. Many webmaster to give up the use of 360 site guards. According to the blog, the 360 site guards are also suspected of Baidu shielding the site guards node IP, this problem is not an individual phenomenon of the two users. Think of 360 and Baidu is the enemy, on this phenomenon, many webmaster think 360 and Baidu war, he had been a calamity. However, to see the official website of the 360 brother, did not see the response to the phenomenon. Do not know whether the 360 are silent, or has been resolved. Brother ming to stationmaster suggested caution.

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360 provoked Baidu


, formerly known as Baidu acceleration music is to accelerate the music, is the only officially changed its name in the early September, but obviously accelerated Lecong started and Baidu is a good gay friend, Internet rumors, this is Baidu’s investment to accelerate the music or make your own secret project, muffled enclosure, wait for when the time is ripe, and then formally changed announced.

brother this verification may be justified, is reported as early as 2012, Baidu Webmaster Platform began to recommend the owners to use music to accelerate.



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now for free CDN will hide the site IP do >

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