The soft can also be very exciting

soft Wen, has been the carrier of advertising, the author published by the soft, so as to achieve the purpose of a product or service. It does not know the origins of what, but until now, especially the popularity of the network, has a "soft" to reach the acme of perfection it, no wonder some people say online, now the Internet has been "the soft".

occasionally, that is soft, but also great interest to look for some writers, skills, really admire admire.

recently, due to the independent construction of a web site, but also because of the soft Wen pulled on a relationship, the station tired, but also the letter to write some text, as soft wen. Adhere to a period of time, my that dozens of soft Wen also brought a lot of traffic and popularity. My station is a blog station, destined to write the text, so, I write the soft text in just a few months time in the quality and quantity has developed by leaps and bounds.

had seen a webmaster article, said to do a website, you will have to write soft. In his view, although my website does beg to differ, but now the development is inseparable from my soft.

so, there is always a kind of impulse, want to make their own writing soft feel written, learning together with you, and hope that through my experience, can play a valuable role, let more webmaster friends in the use of other methods to promote the site at the same time, the proper use of this method to the promotion of soft paper web site. View more fragmented, point:

a, there is a certain text base

if a webmaster, your character is really bad, then I think there is no need to use soft Wen this method to promote your site. After all, there are many ways to promote the site, really what are not, you can buy ads in the Ali Mama, popular advertising you can buy one yuan, independent of the IP1000, you don’t mean that your money, if web services and products are very good, you the pay will be several times or even several times the return, there are many owners of the business is a lot of buying cheap advertising Ali mother developed.

text base, which is not to learn can quickly learn. This work is starting from kindergarten, first is the word, then words, the structure and conception, the rhetoric and so on, and read a lot of accumulation, can become a webmaster after learning the content is simply Arabian Nights can learn?.

of course, some owners can steal someone else’s soft, and then bring their own links – this method is good, really can bring some traffic to the site in a short time. But this way, it can not be long. The network is great, but a circle is very small, I now often a few stationmaster station, which is the original, which is posted, which is plagiarism, I can judge out of eight or nine. If the person is identified, the consequences are you in the circle of fame.

unless you aim to be a dumpster

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