also write the Guangxi bar


space there is a problem, can not directly access the website, rare is free to write a soft Wen..


through the outdated, know figure Wang, and then know the Admin5,

Guangxi bar network station exactly exactly one year, but from the use of jade, but also less than one or two months,

said the time to open the station, mainly want to take a comparison, nonsense.

a year to open the station, it should be developed into what? This is a clear requirement for anyone?

I don’t have, so I can’t develop. Failure…..

think about the time to leave the station on the development of a bar network development ideas,

but there is a friend gentie said: if you do not have enough resources under the line, then I advise you not to do, not to waste time in.

but I didn’t think so much about him: first, stand up first.

buy space, under the DZ, on a forum, the style is provided directly by the official, changed the logo, set up the forum, open the station….

middle behind friends to help cook this 1 yuan of corn, and finally has been using this corn to promote.

then is to collect information around the bar, what rubbish to the jar heap…… found that the effect is not obvious,

at that time did not want to do CEO optimization, to write their own soft Wen is thought to have so much trouble. After good friend,

built QQ group it, all of a sudden a lot of QQ group, because QQ group propaganda in place, the number of people came up,

set administrator, active QQ group can also be more active than the site. ..


question has come again. How should we be able to guide the QQ group of friends to the site?


I thought of the next line of the party, regularly determine the theme of the discussion, efforts to guide the direction of the increase in the group’s Guangxi bar network publicity,

at the same time to speed up the link with the bar around, hoping to be able to carry out the activities of the bar…The basic positioning

website: the face of the bar, bar service member.

There is a friend in the middle of the

pointed out the fatal weakness of the site: positioning Guangxi Province, too big, almost no one in the country to locate the provincial bar network.

if you pay attention to Nanning, but the space of the bar channel (now is a bit long ambition of others.)

if you do Guilin, I was unwilling to give up other cities, unless you get a jade name, do the city level station, around the city of those bars turn, serious business member services, by

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