Blog service is conducive to the promotion of the site blog blog site

now, the blog is an important way to promote the webmaster website, the reason is not much to say. Today, in the setting of the blog bus (blogbus) found that the site provides mobile blog service, the following is the description of the blogbus blog move service:

before installation blog bus is not some precious memories scattered in other places? There are enthusiastic comments and most able to express their feelings of pity in the picture, on the outside to find them back!! or you saw in the blog bus service but also reluctant to give up beautiful memories of the past, blog bus blog move function let you have new homes also don’t throw the old nest


you may have multiple Blog, but in different places, with different login username and password please! Now solved the problem: you can sort your blog bus in multiple Blog unity as you release after the move of the time, so once you log in, all of the sites all fix! The Blog address will be relocated to fill in the corresponding text box, click on the "start moving", everything is so simple! "

its specific methods of operation, we log in blogbus in accordance with the operating guidelines will be a look at. Here’s what I got from it. In fact, the idea is very simple: blog service can greatly enhance the efficiency of our website promotion. We built a blog, running after a period of time, can quickly move to another construction site, in a very short period of time to complete another blog, this website must be


was found through the search, some other blogs such as news, NetEase, Baidu also provides move blog service, the specific operation method still needs further study.

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