Talking about the idea of making money for a garbage station after 90

I was originally a professional webmaster, and later found my true entrepreneurial road,


I am 91 years old, is a standard 90, I began to study the hacker technology from the primary school, the second is the establishment of the first site (Shanxi DJ hi hi net) time is about 2006 when the new year, but I didn’t stick to it for a few months to give up, when I may be the future I don’t know, may be the website operation etc.. But I was out of love at the time,

2007 I went to college, our school is closed, militarized management, estimation of the halo we heard, a technical school is the military management! But I learnt a lot from the school, at least I know to read more

Shen Xiaoran what can do to save you my nternet company

we 80 was born in the era of reform and opening up, unfortunately, I did not catch up with the government’s economic boom. Faced with the facts, we have no choice, we do not have to complain about the times we do not meet our ideal environment, all we can do is to calmly face the reality of the community. We did not have the opportunity to experience the three big pieces of the Cultural Revolution (28 bicycles, Shanghai watches and sewing machines), but we were fortunate enough to see a well-off life in modern society. Living in the material enjoyment, spiritual enjoyment is quite rich today, we feel most deeply is that the Internet brings us convenience and development opportunities. We can see from the Asian financial crisis in 97 years later, with the change of the Internet China turn the world upside down, from Ma Yun’s "China pages" began to appear in the Internet economy, Sina, NetEase, Sohu and other major portals to lock a large number of Internet users, from 3721 to Baidu, Google to seize the Internet product or service channel market. The changes we see are in sight. read more

The four most dead zones in online education are the one to one online teaching

since the birth of computers, futurists have begun to predict that the form of education will begin to change and that teachers’ functions will be replaced. Of course, until today, whether in higher education classrooms or primary and secondary schools, our classroom is still full of students. "The global education market reached $7 trillion, 7 times in the global mobile Internet value", this prophecy with the paperless office, no city, film and theatre will be inside the museum exhibits and predicted together, so far have not achieved. read more

On the equality of Web 2 community know how to force users to use watercress to attract users

is now watercress and know almost two benchmark domestic Web 2 website, however careful comparison, we will find that they have a different way in the user’s distinction, and it is this difference in the details of the decision of the development trend of different two websites.

watercress user post article, from a personal point of view on the two sites made their own observation and analysis.

watercress is a real community, and in addition to the ubiquitous minefields in China, watercress will not be able to control how you speak and what you say. That is to say, if (there is no threat to you that damselflies) damselfly survival, would not be out of practice damselfly. With this in mind, it should be said that this community is basically equal. read more

Reasonable layout website hotspots and recommended columns guide users to the next step

imagine, when we visited more than 1000 word article in A5, if the left and right are nothing else, and when you read this article you what kind of feeling, but on the back of the home page to search the article? This is not realistic, from this example we can be recommended: with hot article reasonable layout of the site is very important, so how should we go to the layout and recommend hot article

?The recommended and hot article

traditional methods are generally placed on the left side and the right side, it is undeniable that this way can help improve the website user experience, but when the length is too long, if we continue to use this method, it is not on behalf of users in the second half of the tour is not recommended to content and characteristics? So the traditional model has not adapt to the user’s reading needs, the webmaster friends should do read more

Xu Tao the nation’s largest free forum 5D6D toll gate the whole story

recently, known as the country’s largest free forum 5D6D binding domain "toll gate" fights online 5d6d official claimed to raise a Babel of criticism of, because of the national domain name registration crackdown, a large number of servers to face the risk of being closed, so that the binding domain for services, many forums began to claim the world Crusade: the history of the Internet’s biggest fraud began Kang Sheng! Territory sign "the largest free forum, never charge, no ad " play word games, free forum or free forum, but want to bind the domain name please take the money, take the official national crackdown as an excuse to start charging his plans, which in the end is premeditated? Or forced? Because I have a website is under 5D6D (, 5D6D of the incident from the beginning of the end has some knowledge, also to chatter Thanks for two, right and wrong, I do not make any comments, the following is the 5D6D "toll gate" by: read more

Franchising is a trap or

is now a lot of people to start a business, a lot of small businesses, because want to avoid risks, many have chosen to join the form of entrepreneurship! Then the franchise in the end is a trap or money?

join not once and for all investment

join any product, franchisees need to join the leading enterprise (the leader) to pay a certain amount of initial fee, is the brand and technology use fee. Join the leading company to provide the technology and equipment to the franchisee, and train its staff. The franchise was officially opened, the franchisee can not stand to wait for wealth coming up? read more

How to beware of false online numbers

one, the purpose of false traffic

1, flicker advertising alliance

domestic webmaster cheating too serious, so the advertising alliance in order to control the cheating way is to take to improve the site must have a certain threshold, flow rate and ALEXA value of the site can apply to the general account, the regularity of the site and there are certain traffic sites, we can obtain considerable ALEXA rankings, the general requirement is 200 thousand within the ranks, is also the daily flow of over 2 thousand IP. read more

Detailed game how to create new station million popularity

from the information station to the game station before, because of the game, this is a very demanding market, the age of a wide range of levels, to do it, regardless of resources or profits can have a lot of choice. But when you really get into this business, you’ll find that the intensity of competition in the industry is far from being predicted, and it’s horrible. If you are behind the station resources support, may also develop rapidly, but if you are a thoroughly grass grass root, then the game can not stand you just do the site. read more

Change host space for several sites for the first time

July 23, 2008 was the day when the Olympic torch arrived in Ji’nan, and it was on this day that I changed the host space for several of my websites in Beijing.

first I will only use the ASP forum or website program, contact the Discuz forum from the beginning of last year, and later on PHP imperceptibly had a good impression, naturally to the mainstream PHP program to understand more slowly, also includes the platform architecture and other related knowledge. Now I don’t make money by making websites, but I can’t let go of this interesting activity, so I think it’s a hobby when I’m free. read more