People oriented to your user to link

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, for example, when you accumulate external links in various ways, there is no thought, you can direct the request to the site or your customers? If your products and services really allows customers very satisfied, they have no reason not to support you. So, in your order confirmation and delivery time, you can consider the sincere to your user request. For example, you can say: "if you really love our product (or service), and you also happen to have a website or blog, so please consider giving us a link to the website. Your link is the best support for us! "After this, can consider the specific code to link your website, they stick to the convenient website or blog. read more

Comparative analysis of domestic and foreign website design website

two, the overall layout of different

encountered a customer to do a website, the website of the customers from all over the world, at home and abroad. So the customer requirements, this website will not only make the domestic customers, but also to let foreign customers browse feel happy. That is to say, this website let users love the world. This makes the author feel embarrassed. Because the user habits are different, the whole site sensory requirements, want a website that lets users around the world have love, it seems a bit difficult. Here we have from the overall style of Chinese and some countries in Europe and America website to discuss. read more