DTI reveals anti-ageism law plans

first_img Previous Article Next Article Comments are closed. Related posts:No related photos. DTI reveals anti-ageism law plansOn 1 Jul 2003 in Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), Personnel Today The Government has announced its intention to allow employers to keepmandatory retirement ages if they can justify them as necessary for thebusiness. It is also considering setting a default age of 70 after which employerscould ask employees to retire without having to justify their decision. The proposals are set out in the consultation paper Equality and Diversity:Age Matters, released earlier this month. Employers would have to justify their retirement age requirements byreference to “specific aims set out in legislation”, and will have toprovide supporting evidence if challenged, for instance, at an employmenttribunal. The consultation paper gives examples of the sort of specific aims that mayjustify treating people differently on the grounds of age. They are: – Health, welfare and safety – Facilitation of employment planning (for example, where a business has anumber of people approaching retirement age at the same time) – Particular training requirements of the post, for example air trafficcontrollers who need good health, fitness and concentration – Encouraging and rewarding loyalty – The need for a reasonable period of employment before retirement. Consultation closes on 20 October. The DTI intends to give employers twoyears to prepare for the legislation, which needs to be in place by the end of2006. last_img read more

2020 Economy

first_imgThe Georgia agriculture industry is experiencing some positive signs, with Hurricane Michael relief funds being approved for distribution, China reopening its poultry market to Georgia-raised poultry and consumers buying more Georgia-grown products, according to Georgia’s State Fiscal Economist Jeffrey Dorfman.Dorfman, who is also an agricultural economist with the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, served as the keynote speaker for the UGA Ag Forecast held Tuesday, Jan. 21 in Macon, Georgia.He reminded the group of Georgia farmers and agricultural industry leaders at the meeting that consumers are now able to search and find value over the Internet.“The best advice I can give you is to brand your product,” he said. “Brand your product with a Georgia Grown logo and you’ll get a premium price for your product and deliver value to consumers.”Georgia Grown is a marketing program managed by the Georgia Department of Agriculture.Dorfman explained that Georgia’s economy is reliant on the economies of other countries because the state has a large export market.“The U.S. manufacturing sector is in a recession, services are growing slowly, but consumer spending is solid,” he said. “Holiday shopping was up 3% to 4%. That is a good sign that consumers aren’t afraid to spend money and use credit cards.”If an economic slowdown does occur, Georgia is in good shape and has enough “wiggle room” to survive, he said.“We won’t have a recession unless something happens in the world that makes everyone panic,” said Dorfman via an Internet feed from his office at the Georgia State Capitol. “More people in Georgia are employed than ever before. Of new plant openings that were projects of the Georgia Department of Economic Development, more than 70% were outside of the Atlanta area. We are growing in Atlanta and outside of Atlanta, spread fairly evenly across the state.”Dorfman said that, unfortunately, it’s hard to keep the economy growing and growing fast. He said Georgia now has $2.8 billion in its “rainy day fund.”“Despite that, we want to be very prudent,” he said. “The governor is focused on making our government more efficient … and creating a better state government with the same or less taxpayer money.”last_img read more

Ghana:Government declares 3 days of mourning

first_imgA fire Engine at the petrol station that caught fire in Ghana’s capital Accra#Ghana has declared three days of mourning for over 175 people who died in a fire disaster in the capital Accra.Sources say that number is expected to rise as recovery efforts continue because some of the bodies of the fire disaster may have been swept away by flood waters.President, John Mahama , has directed that the 3-day exercise starts on Monday June 8, 2015, to Wednesday June 10.President  Mahama visited the scene early on Thursday, calling the incident “catastrophic”.The president has also directed that the national flag must fly at half-mast for the mourning period. The move  came after a crisis meeting that was held at the flagstaff House over the devastation Thursday.Hundreds of workers had gathered in front of a Pharmacy Shop near the Filling Station to shelter themselves from the rains, but met their untimely deaths after the explosion.Several people were trapped indoors since the streets were flooded while the fire spread to where they were seeking refuge following a fuel leakage which covered the water.Dozens of passengers in commercial vehicles as well as private cars which had gone to buy fuel as well as park for safety at the time of the flood, were also trapped and died subsequently during the explosion.Many of the people who died in the fire were caught up in public transport vehiclesThe rains were so heavy to the extent of hampering rescue efforts at the petrol station.Local hospitals said morgues were full and security officials also said the death toll was likely to rise, as fire investigators picked through the charred debris to determine what caused the inferno. Dozens of motorcycles were seen burnt and the fire is also thought to have engulfed a bus full of passengers that was waiting on the forecourt.Local residents said many people had sought shelter under the filling station canopy from days of heavy rains that have engulfed Accra when the fire broke out.last_img read more