Fantine? Mrs. Wormwood? We Rank the Moms of Broadway From Best to Worst

first_img 8. Francesca from The Bridges of Madison County Yes, Francesca is having a crisis, and yes, maybe her annoying kids deserve it. But would you really want your mom sleeping with every random photographer who blows into town? 4. Fantine from Les Miserables Speaking of crying, Fantine would sell her hair (and uh, her body) for you. That’s dedication. She should have done a more extensive background check on those Thenardiers, though. 2. Lena Younger from A Raisin in the Sun No matter what, Lena is a hard-working mom who will put food on the table and provide for her family. But whatever you do, don’t denounce God in her house or touch the plant on her windowsill. 7. Genie Klein from Beautiful This momma only wants what’s best for young Carole, but if it were up to Genie, her daughter would be toiling away in some library, not winning Grammys. Mother’s Day is just around the corner—what, you didn’t buy a card for your mom yet? There’s still time, go out and get one right now! We’ll wait. Anyway, where were we? Oh right, Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and in addition to honoring our biological moms on May 11, we can’t forget to celebrate our honorary moms, too: The mothers in our favorite Broadway shows. From the tough-but-fair Madame Giry from The Phantom of the Opera to the downright crazypants Mrs. Wormwood in Matilda, we’ve ranked 11 matriarchs currently on Broadway, from the ones we’d love to have as moms to the ones we’d never want to be in the same room with. See how the mommies of the Great White Way scored below. 5. Donna Sheridan from Mamma Mia! Bravo to Donna for raising Sophie all on her own, but did she really think she could avoid the “I have no idea who your dad is” talk with Sophie forever? That’s just ridiculous. 10. Mrs. Wormwood from Matilda This mum is a fabulous dancer, but unless you want to sit around the house like a blob watching telly all day, there’s no way to get on her good side. Get out while you can. 1. Madame Giry from The Phantom of the Opera She’s not the warmest, cuddliest mom on the list (in fact, she’s kind of terrifying), but she’s got a steady job and she can get you into all the shows at the Opera Populaire for free! 6. Catherine from Pippin There’s lots of space to run around and play at Catherine’s farm, but let’s face it—she’s way too busy rolling in the hay with Pippin to help you with your homework. 9. Katharine from Mothers and Sons When we die, we really, really don’t want our mom going around to our ex’s house, overstaying her welcome and eating all his Oreos. Call us crazy, but we just don’t. 11. Madame from Cinderella She has a great sense of style (come on, that feather headpiece is gorgeous), but that’s the only redeeming quality about Madame. Run! Run now!!! View Comments 3. Liz from If/Then She seems like a kind, loving mom, but we never get to see her parenting skills in action. Without spoiling the plot, let’s just say Liz is preoccupied with a bunch of other stuff and spends a lot of time crying.last_img read more

Sweet Onions Start Now

first_imgYou may not have finished the Vidalia onions from last season, but commercialgrowers are starting now on their onion crop for next year.If you’re an avid gardener and pine for something to grow in the winter,maybe sweet onions are for you.The sandy soils in the southern half of Georgia are ideal for growingsweet onions. This is because these soils tend to be low in sulfur, a majorcontributor to making onions hot.To start with, get the right kind of seed. The onions we grow in theSouth are called short-day onions. They bulb (form an onion) during theshort days of winter. Other types called intermediate and long-day onionswon’t form a bulb as readily during short winter days.The seeds are very small and should be planted about one-fourth of aninch deep. You can plant them from the beginning of September to the endof October.Because they’re so small, take care with watering so the top one-fourthinch of soil always remains moist. Your seedlings should be visible in10-14 days.Onions should have a final spacing of about 4-5 inches in the row sothere is plenty of room for the bulb to form. Commercial growers typicallyseed plant beds with 60-70 seeds per foot of row. They grow these onionsfor eight weeks, then pull them to transplant to the final spacing of about4-5 inches.If you don’t want to go to the trouble of growing onions from seed,transplants are usually available in late winter and early spring fromyour garden supply or department store. Local growers may share some oftheir extra transplants, too.Onions are usually transplanted from plant beds to their final spacingbetween Thanksgiving and Christmas. But they can be transplanted as lateas the end of February.To produce a mild onion, select the right variety (short-day sweet oniontype), keep it watered throughout the growing season and go easy on thefertilizer. Go especially light on sulfur-containing products. These increasethe onions’ pungency.Onions should be ready for harvest from April into June, depending onvariety and weather. You’ll know when it’s time to harvest when 20 percentof the onion tops have fallen over at the neck.last_img read more

SOUTHCOM Donates Equipment to El Salvador Fire Department

first_imgBy Lorena Baires/Diálogo August 14, 2020 Through U.S. Southern Command’s Humanitarian Assistance Program, the United States donated 96 AirHawk II self-contained breathing apparatus valued at $717,868.80, to re-equip El Salvador Fire Department (CBES, in Spanish), the U.S. Embassy told the press on June 25. The equipment will be distributed to 18 fire stations that do not have enough self-contained breathing equipment, a vital resource to respond to structural and industrial fires, Major Edwin Mauricio Chavarría, CBES general director, told Diálogo on July 18.U.S. Ambassador to El Salvador Ronald Johnson (foreground, second from L) delivered self-contained breathing apparatus to Salvadoran Minister of the Interior Mario Durán (C) and to the general director of the Fire Department, Major Edwin Mauricio Chavarría (foreground, fourth from L), in San Salvador, on June 25. (Photo: Salvadoran Ministry of the Interior)“We also use this equipment to respond to emergencies involving hazardous materials,” Maj. Chavarría said. “For example, when there is a traffic accident and there are pipes with propane gas or fuel […] with cracks due to impact and pollutants leak, or to carry out rescue maneuvers and help people.”Maj. Chavarría added that the masks in this equipment have a hermetic seal around the face, with a compressed-air cylinder that provides oxygen for about 40 minutes, enabling firefighters to breathe without the risk of collapsing and losing consciousness during the fire due to polluting gases.“In my 27 years of service to this institution, this is the first time that I put on brand-new equipment,” Second Lieutenant Carlos Carreño, CBES chief of operations, told Diálogo on July 18. “We use this equipment every day in fires […]; it’s been one of the best donations that we’ve ever had, from a country that has always supported us.”One of the projects that will benefit the El Salvador Fire Department is the construction of a training tower, worth $704,000. Other initiatives include the acquisition of four oxygen-charging stations worth $300,000 and personal protective equipment for 250 structural firefighters, valued at $500,000, the U.S. Embassy added.last_img read more

Man shoots adoptive son in alleged defense

first_imgFlat Rock, IN—Shelby County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a fatal shooting Sunday afternoon involving an adoptive father and son.The Shelby County Sheriff’s Department was called to a domestic disturbance about 3:30 pm Sunday on County Road West 1000 South. Officers say Ricky Drake, 72, called 911 to report Dominick Drake, 24, was “out of control” and had threatened his adoptive father with a knife and a large whiskey bottle.The adoptive father alleges that he felt threatened and fired a single shot from a .45-caliber handgun. Dominick was hit in the chest. When first responders arrived, they declared him dead at the scene. The Shelby County Sheriff’s office says the investigation is still ongoing and did not indicate any arrests had been made.last_img read more

Football, showbiz stars gather for Messi’s wedding

first_imgRosario, Argentina | AFP | Football and showbiz stars gathered in Argentina for Latin America’s celebrity wedding bash of the decade as Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi prepared to marry his childhood sweetheart Antonella Roccuzzo on Friday.Pop star Shakira and her husband, Messi’s teammate Gerard Pique, were expected among the 260 guests, according to media and locals close to the event.They will join old friends of the couple and footballers, including his Barcelona strike partners Neymar and Luis Suarez, in Messi’s northern hometown, Rosario.Suarez and other soccer stars were watched by curious locals as they stepped off private jets on Thursday at Rosario’s airport.The party will be a respite for Messi from his legal woes. A Spanish court last month rejected his appeal against a conviction for tax fraud.– All-star guest list –Brunette bride Roccuzzo, 29, will wear a dress by Rosa Clara — a Spanish designer who has dressed actress Eva Longoria and Spain’s Queen Letizia.From 2200 GMT the guests will pack into the Hotel City-Center Casino, which stands right next to a crime-ridden slum run by drug gangs.This city of 1.2 million people is also a cradle of footballing talent, however.“Rosario lives and breathes football. That is another reason Lionel feels so comfortable here,” the city’s mayor, Monica Fein, told AFP.“I think he is excited that through his wedding his friends (from abroad) will be able to get to know the city he loves so much.”– Roast gizzards – The civil wedding ceremony and party will all take place inside the venue, and the guests will be lodged there too.Messi, 30, has reportedly asked chefs to cook local delicacies such as “locro” stew and “empanada” pasties for the feast.The star dish is a typical Argentine beef roast including chitterlings, gizzards and kidneys.Uruguayan pop bands Rombai and Marama plus singer Karina, wife of Argentina footballer Sergio Aguero, will perform at the dance.It is not known whether the guests will also get a song from Shakira, the Colombian diva famous for “Whenever, Wherever.”– Guards and reporters –Organizers say 157 journalists have been accredited to cover the bash, but have been warned they will have no access to the guests.Security will be handled by a private team of Israeli specialists used by Messi for all his excursions.Messi and Roccuzzo live in Barcelona where he plays, but still return regularly to Rosario on holiday.The couple met as children. He moved to Spain when he was 13 to join FC Barcelona, but they kept in touch.“They are the love of each other’s lives,” Messi’s childhood friend Diego Vallejos told AFP.Share on: WhatsApplast_img read more

Inside Conditions…New blood

first_imgWell, well, well boys’ and girls’ the NFL 2012 draft is in the books and all is well in the land of the pigskin. The bloodthirsty AFC North seems to have done “good.” The “mechanics” of the Steelers again went shopping for spare parts for their “Lombardi” machine. The Steelers snatched offensive linemen in David DeCastro and Mike Adams. I have been preaching O-line and D-line since the awful 1-2 punch of Mendenhall and Sweed. Someone seems to be finally listening. Do I get any dough? On the defensive side Sean Spence, (inside linebacker) and Alameda Ta’amu (defensive tackle) will give the defense a boost helping to remove some of the cobwebs on “D.”The Cincy Bengals, originally nicknamed “the Bungles” look as if they’re loaded for “Bear” and appear to be getting ready for a rumble in the “jungle” otherwise known as the AFC North. Coach Marvin Lewis seems to be drafting players that may not only survive but thrive in the brutal DMZ. The unforgiving “North” boasted not one, not two, but three 2011 playoff teams. Folks are whispering that Lewis may be Al Davis incarnate (former Oakland Raiders owner); drafting players who excel on the field but have a few moral and character issues hanging around their neck. The Bengals snatched up (cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick, defensive tackle Devon Still and tight end Orson Charles in light of our concerns about their “character.” Their alleged violations are minute when compared to their collective talent and the Bengals’ as a whole drafted football players, not “Little Bo Peeps.” When you add receivers Mohamed Sanu and Marvin Jones plus OG Kevin Zeitler the Bengals appear to be getting ready to get busy.Ravens General Manager Ozzie Newsome is like “Cyclops” when it comes to identifying players drafted in any round and this draft was no different. Linebacker Courtney Upshaw, tackle Kelechi Osemele and running back Bernard Pierce appear to be able to capably blend well into the Ravens’ playbook. The Ravens also landed receiver Tommy Streeter and guard Gino Gradkowski, who are both capable of having an immediate impact on offense.Entering a critical year in the Mike Holmgren era, the Cleveland Browns were under pressure to immediately boost an offense that was questionable in all phases of the game. The wanted running back Trent Richardson, all along but did they give up too much? Making quarterback Brandon Weeden their second pick in the first round received some scrutiny because of his age (28) and considering that Colt McCoy is still firmly in the mix. They also chose to strengthen their offensive line with tackle Mitchell Schwartz. The Browns did pretty darned good job of upgrading considering that they have to play the Steelers, the Ravens and the Bengals, twice a year!As far as I am concerned the 2012 draft as a whole was successful but whether the players that were selected will fail or succeed will always depend on what they do on the field in an actual game; not what they do on Pro-day or at the combines in “Indy.” I must say this because if I do not I will bust wide open. There are athletes who are classified as freshmen and sophomores who should have been on the draft board last weekend; poised to get paid. But ya know what? Okay, okay you say; this is mixing apples and oranges. However, not so quick, ‘keemosabe’ Tonto see rain clouds gathering. When I see all of the parents and families giddy and filled with glee in regard to their sons’ being chosen to compete as professional football players I become both happy and sad, simultaneously. How many of our sons have been expendable after their college careers were over? How many of their degrees, if they even received one was valid? How many times have you, I and the ‘Pope’ strolled into a McDonalds, Wendy’s or Burger King, looked into the face of the young man waiting on us realizing only after we have exited the establishment that the young man that took our order was a former blue chip high school or college player?We must insist on a pay for play format to insure that the system is equitable for everyone. If a college player does not have the stuff to make it as a pro at least they will have a stipend to help them make the transition back into society. They will not have to sell drugs or fast food. Almost everyone that is part of the NCAA game gets paid; from the ticket takers to the grounds keepers, the broadcasters, the printers of the game programs, the concessionaires, the ushers; you digg….For every athlete that is chosen to compete in the NFL, a thousand are stranded and abandoned in an economic desert with not a camel in sight to transport them to the illusionary oasis of fame fortune and glory.(Aubrey Bruce can be reached at: [email protected])last_img read more

Local Youth Choir Takes First Place in Regional Festival, Receives Invitation…

first_imgFacebook10Tweet0Pin0April 28, 2011The Olympia Youth Chorus’ Coro Voce choir took first place in the junior high division at the Seattle Heritage Festival in April. The group also received a gold level rating at the festival which included choirs from throughout the region as well as California, Maryland and Canada.Garnering attention with their quality performance, Coro Voce was one of only two choirs invited to participate in the New York City Heritage Festival and perform at Carnegie Hall.“We were thrilled with our performance and the honor of being invited to participate in the national festival at Carnegie Hall,” said Olympia Youth Chorus (OYC) Coro Voce Director Amy Holcombe. “Unfortunately due to the cost, the choir is not going to be able go. However the invitation speaks volumes to the quality of this choir and to the singers’ abilities to learn.”OYC’s Coro Voce is an intermediate level treble choir for SSA singers, ages 11-18. The group is made up of primarily girls, as well as boys with unchanged voices. Participants are selected through auditions and educational emphasis is placed on vocal fundamentals, sight-reading and performance. Director Holcombe holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Music Education from Portland State University and is a certified teacher in K-12 Music.Coro Voce is one of four OYC choirs. To hear all choirs perform attend OYC’s spring concert, “Disney Dazzle,” on Sunday, May 22, at SPSCC’s Kenneth J. Minnaert Center for the Arts starting at 4 p.m. The concert will showcase popular songs from classic Disney movies to contemporary renditions. Tickets are $15 for adults and $12 for students/seniors. For tickets call 360.753.8585 or order online at Youth Chorus is a 16-year-old, nonprofit, vocal music program. It serves singers in K-12 throughout the greater South Sound community, including Thurston, Gray Harbor and Lewis counties.Auditions are currently underway for students wishing to participate in any of the Olympia Youth Chorus choirs. To receive more information about the OYC program or schedule an audition appointment, visit # # # #FOR FURTHER INFORMATIONValerie Fluetsch, Executive DirectorOlympia Youth [email protected]last_img read more

Cheers! Restaurants Reopen Outdoor Dining

first_imgLYNNE WARD Turning Point in Little Silver welcomed diners when pandemic restrictions allowed for out- side dining. By Allison Perrine COURTESY BEACH TAVERN Beach Tavern in Monmouth Beach served its seafood specialties and more this week when outside dining was given the go-ahead. But June 12 the governor filed a lawsuit against the city preventing Asbury Park restaurants from serving food and beverages indoors. The city’s restaurants may provide outdoor dining. Steve Bidgood, co-owner of Salt Creek Grille in Rumson, said it’s been a learning process to get everything set up and prepared, but things are going well. Staff members set up 23 tables outside of the establishment each day and bring it all back in by the end of the night so the wooden tables and other supplies do not get ruined. They have set up string lights outside and have posted proper signage mandated in the governor’s executive orders. “We learned a lot lastnight and it was prettysteady,” said Bidgood,the day after reopening.Things will be adjusted asthey continue to operatein a new normal, for now,he said. The call for outdoor dining had been made by many for several weeks. Business owners and employees throughout the state have suffered financial burdens resulting from limited service and shutdowns. Burke was one of many advocates for reopening the restaurant scene, pointing out during a press conference in Sea Bright May 29 that the restaurant business has always been held to a high standard of cleanliness and proper sanitization. This week, Burke told The Two River Times that people were happy to be out. Surfaces in his restaurants are constantly being sanitized and his employees all wear face coverings, as required by the governor’s orders. One person is permitted in the restroom at a time. Silverware is wrapped up so that it is not loose or exposed. And while the transition to open for outdoor dining only was easier at restaurants like Drifthouse, other establishments he owns required more work, like his South Orange-based restaurant Orange Lawn. There, he had an outdoor garden terrace constructed for a new dining experience. Lyristis’ restaurants are also not serving coffee or dessert at the moment to help other businesses in the local area, he said. “There are a bunch of coffee shops and stuff like that that could really use the business as well.” “It’s been a day, but it was better than Sunday,” Lyristis said Tuesday morning. “People were very happy to be out, they’re very conscious about doing the right thing. It has a lot to do with education. Us in the restaurant business are all over it but the customers themselves, this is all brand new and they’re only seeing what they see on TV,” he added. “They have to be educated as to what they’re allowed to do, what they’re not allowed to do.” LYNNE WARD Diners at Buona Sera enjoyed outside dining on Maple Avenue in Red Bank Wednesday at lunchtime. Chef George Lyristis, owner of The Bistro at Red Bank, Teak and Greek Eats, said he and his staff are being as conscientious as possible. He is currently limiting each table to hour-and-a-half windows due to limited outdoor space. At Bistro and Teak, barcodes are placed on every table so customers can scan the codes to view menus on their phones; there is no need for physical menus. However, he does have disposable menus available in case they are needed, he said. For three months, New Jersey residents were not able to sit down at their favorite local restaurants and enjoy meals with friends and family due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Per the governor’s orders, tables must be limited to eight customers or fewer with seating arranged to keep at least 6 feet between par ties. Signage must be posted at entrances stating that anyone with a fever or symptoms of COVID-19 should not enter the establishment. All tables, chairs and shared items like pens or menus must be disinfected after each use. And employees must undergo daily health checks, such as temperature screenings, among several other guidelines. “Restaurants and bars throughout New Jersey have been immensely cooperative with necessary public health measures that were placed upon them while battling the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Gov. Phil Murphy June 3 in a press release. “Allowing outdoor dining and the expansion of alcohol-serving areas will allow restaurants and bars to begin welcoming customers back while continuing to comply with necessary social distancing guidance.” “It’s just a gorgeous setting,” he said. “We’re lucky in that respect, that all of our restaurants have outdoor seating. For those who don’t have outdoor seating, it’s terrible…their customers are going somewhere else,” said Burke. After hearing complaints from restaurant owners in Asbury Park throughout the shutdown, city council members decided to approve a resolution allowing indoor dining against the governor’s orders but with the same capacity limits as the executive order permitting other indoor gatherings. Under this resolution, restaurants could have up to 25 percent capacity or 50 people whichever number was lower inside the restaurant for dining services. Red Bank resident Alexandra Hough was one of the customers who dined at Bistro Monday night when it reopened. And she had “no real apprehensions” about doing so, she said. LYNNE WARDRestaurants got the green light for outside dining this week and hungry-for-eating-out diners flocked to eateries throughout the Two River area. Diners at Temple Gourmet Chinese restaurant in Red Bank savored the day on Wednesday. That changed Monday, June 15, as the governor permitted the reopening of outdoor dining across the state. Overall, customers seem happy to get back out and enjoy some sense of normalcy, several restaurateurs told The Two River Times. But the diners have been greeted with some changes to keep everything as sanitary and safe as possible. “I was just excited to getout of the house and havea nice dinner that I didn’thave to cook for once,”said Hough. Asbury Park “Restaurant workers, in general, are trained to work very clean. The board of health is on us like no other business,” he said May 29. “There is a sanitary effort all the time, year-round when we feed people. We’re responsible people.” “We hope our position will encourage the State of New Jersey to outline guidelines for indoor dining in the upcoming weeks,” the city posted on its website, “We invite Governor Murphy to our City next week to meet with the local restaurant community and discuss alternate opportunities to support these businesses who rely heavily on the summer. The article originally appeared in the June 18-24, 2020 print edition of The Two River Times. “It feels like junior high when we were returning back to school and seeing old friends again. We have missed seeing everyone so much,” said chef David Burke, owner of Drifthouse and Nauti Bar by David Burke. “Please be assured we are going above and beyond safety guidelines so both our guests and employees are safe. We understand while some folks can’t wait to get out, others will prefer takeout, which we will also continue.” last_img read more

England boss believes Sterling is ready for ‘next challenge’

first_imgRaheem Sterling has risen to every obstacle in his career and Gareth Southgate fully expects the forward to overcome the “next challenge” of flourishing for England.A shining light as Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City romped to the Premier League title last term, there were naturally high hopes that the Harlesden-raised 23-year-old would take that form into the World Cup.Sterling impressed in parts but was unable to make a telling impact in front of goal in Russia, with the forward’s goalless run extending to an eye-watering 27 matches in Friday’s goalless Nations League draw against Croatia.That night he was substituted for the fifth match in succession, but Southgate backed Sterling to shine for the Three Lions as he looks to score his first international goal in 1,102 days against Spain.“If we had the answer to that, we’d probably have resolved it a few games ago,” Southgate said ahead of Monday’s Nations League clash in Seville.“What do we do? We’ve got to keep getting him in the right positions. We’ve got to create chances for him and he’s got to keep getting in the right areas.“The other night I don’t really remember him (having a chance).“There was a ball that flashed across the box and he was just in behind the defender when he’s got to try to get across the front of those if he can.“But I think it is going to be a confidence thing that when the goal comes he will go on a scoring run.Southgate was speaking at a press conference ahead of the game against Spain. [Picture: Mike Egerton/PA Wire]“For all our attacking players, we’ve got to make sure we are creating chances and that we are in the right areas and then they’ve just got to go and finish them.”Asked if confidence was an issue with Sterling, Southgate said: “I don’t think his confidence is low, but I think there are times when maybe you can think a little bit too much about what you’re doing in certain moments.“It’s about having the freedom just to hit things.“This is one of the big challenges of international football. You know with your club – well, with his club – you get another five chances in the next 10 or 15 minutes.“You get fewer chances with us and you have sporadic games, so you don’t get another go next week.“This is part of dealing with international football and that is his next challenge.“But I have to say every challenge that has been put in front of him throughout his career – new players coming in, for example, over the last couple of years (at City) – he’s risen to those challenges.“He’s been tough enough to deal with those challenges and I expect him to come through this.” Follow West London Sport on TwitterFind us on Facebookby Taboolaby TaboolaSponsored LinksSponsored LinksPromoted LinksPromoted LinksRecommended for youLifestly.com25 Celebs You Didn’t Realize Are Gay – No. 8 Will Surprise WomenLifestly.comUndoAspireAbove.comRemember Pauley Perrette? Try Not To Smile When You See Her NowAspireAbove.comUndoZen HealthLittle Family Stars Confirm Very Sad NewsZen HealthUndoLifestly.comAt 78, Pele lives in this modest mansionLifestly.comUndoHappyTricks.comHer House Always Smells Amazing – This is how She Does It!HappyTricks.comUndoSky-Elite-NewsHusband Illustrates Everyday Life With Wife In 19 PicturesSky-Elite-NewsUndoUsed Cars | Search AdsUsed Cars in Tuen Mun Might Be Cheaper Than You ThinkUsed Cars | Search AdsUndoStyleReadsMagnesium Deficiency Causes Heart Attacks! Eat These 15 FoodsStyleReadsUndolast_img read more

4 More Projects to Create a Government-less Internet

first_imgTop Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting klint finley Tags:#cloud#Trends Related Posts 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketcenter_img Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Last week we told you about three projects to create a government-less Internet by taking advantage of wireless mesh networking. Wireless mesh networks are networks that don’t require a centralized authority to create networks. These can provide an alternative way to communicate and share information during a crisis such as a natural disaster or civic unrest.Many of you followed-up by telling us about several other interesting projects, such as P2P DNS to Tonkia. Most importantly, there are at least four other projects that should have been on our original list.DaihiniaDaihinia is a commercial project that provides software that essentially turns Windows PCs into wireless repeaters. The company’s software makes it possible to use a desktop or laptop with a normal wireless card to “hop” to a wireless access point while out of range of that access point.There’s no Macintosh version, but it’s being discussed.DigitataDigitata is a sub-project of open_sailing‘s Openet, which we mentioned in the previous installment. Digitata is focused on bringing wireless networks to rural areas of Africa. The group is creating open source hardware and software, including its own own IP layer for mesh networking called IPvPosition (IPvP).FreifunkFreifunk (German for “free radio”) is an organization dedicated to providing information and resources for mesh networking projects. Its website has a list of local mesh networks all over the world, from Afghanistan to Nepal to Seattle.One of its main resources is the Freifunk firmware, a free router firmware optimized for wireless mesh networking. Users can replace the standard firmware on their routers with Frefunk’s firmware, enabling them to build mesh networks with cheap off the shelf hardware.Freifunk also develops a protocol Better Approach To Mobile Adhoc Networking, or B.A.T.M.A.N., an alternative to the older Optimized Link State Routing Protocol (OLSR).wlan ljubljana and nodewatcherwlan ljubljana is a wireless mesh network in Ljubljana, Slovenia. In addition to providing its users with Internet access, it appears to also feature a local network. wlan ljubljana is working with volunteers in other cities in Slovenia to create more local networks, and has created its own firmware package for routers called nodewatcher. Like Freifunk, nodewatcher is based on the embeddable Linux distribution OpenWrt. nodewatcher is designed to be easy to use for a non-technical user.More ResourcesHere are a few more resources:The Connective, a knowledge base dedicated to mesh networking and building a citizen-owned Internet.A list of mesh networking protocols like B.A.T.M.A.N.A Reddit thread discussing the above link.A Reddit community dedicated to creating a darknet.Wikipedia’s list of wireless community projects, many of which are mesh networks.last_img read more