Atlético: without Champions he would be forced to sell a player

first_imgThere are several names that will be on the table this summer at Atlético. Nobody escapes that the main clubs of the Premier follow the main rojiblancas figures. Although it will be necessary to see how the crisis caused by COVID-19 affects English entities, the Premier seems the strongest financially and the only one that could bid for the great soccer players of Atlético. Saúl is wanted by Manchester United, who could put half of his clause, which is 150 million euros. Even from England it has been pointed out that the economic offer to the footballer would be very important.Thomas is another of the players who have a great lineup. Its clause is 50 million And that money would also wipe out the economic gap that would result from not playing the Champions League. There are other players who can also leave and whose sale would not weaken the squad as much. Players like Lemar or Arias, although its value in the market is not that of previous footballers. Costa, who will have a year left on his contract when this year ends, is also a player with a great lineup, although it is not already the decisive footballer of yesteryear. Atlético is going through difficult times, although the Madrid club came out ahead in much more committed situations. The most positive thing for Atlético is that it has top-level players, very attractive players for the other clubs and with very high clauses. It didn’t always happen that way. Atlético have that network, which is not a small one.Sixth in LaLiga and among the eight best clubs in Europe, again established as one of the greats of European football after eliminating Liverpool, Atlético will try by all means to maintain the backbone of the team. Although right now nobody knows what can happen in a few months. If Atlético does not enter the Champions League it will have a big problem. No one at the club imagines an Atlético outside the Champions League, but it could happen. The entity should make numbers to get that difference between playing one or the other competition. And the club could be seen in the position of having to sell a footballer. That way he could assume not playing Champions. Atlético believes that LaLiga must finish and play the 38 days of the championship. Simeone’s team is now sixth and if the remainder of the competition were not played, they would be out of the Champions League. The main objective set at the beginning of the season at Atlético is to enter the Champions League every year. Being in the top four means securing a significant financial amount. This season he has already earned 77 million euros and it could reach around a hundred million.In the Europa League the numbers don’t even come close to Champions League earnings. In the 2017-18 season Atlético took the title and took 16 million euros. The differences are abysmal. That is why it is so important for the Madrid team to be in the top four of the championship. The club aspires year after year to increase its budget, but this campaign may suffer a setback.last_img read more